Friday, March 10, 2006

Chase asleep waiting for Santa to come 2004. He loves the tree and all of the lights.

Chase the outlaw.
Summer 2005. Look no Oxygen and I am out of the house.

Chase in his first Halloween outfit in the hospital
4 weeks old.

Our family picture made by Courtney.
Chase on Santas lap 2004. His first outing after he came home and it was a very short one. We kept Chase away from crowds so he would not get RSV or anything else. It was very inportant to us to keep him healthy for his heart surgary.

On my way home at a whole 4 lbs 3 ozs. Our room in stay the night before we brought Chase home to make sure we could handle everything and that Chase was ready to go home too. It went great and we went home the next morning.
Peanuts pad the night before we can home. Chases big boy bed with his monitors. His first time out of the Level II, the night before we brought him home.

Chase at 3 mths old. Christmas time and Chase has his long underwear on. He is now 5 lbs. WOW.

Dad, Chase and Cody sleeping. The day we brought Chase home. He is napping with Dad and big brother Cody. This is my very favorite Picture of the boys. PEACE at home.

The nurses had lots of fun with Chase in his 5 week stay, his dad had never seen his eyes open so they made his eyes open with his billy light mask. Chase was a star in the Level II. We have stayed very close to his girlfriends in the level II and visit them still and share pictures of Chase growing up.

Dad dressing Chase. This was fun for both of us as we had to learn to look for chothes that would work with all of his wires and tubes he would be coming home on. Dad was VERY good at the dressing table.

Chase at 2 weeks old. He slept alot and was the best baby. He had to eat every 3 hours which he did most of his feeds with an NG tube that runs from his nose into his tummy. Perms are sleepy all of the time and then he had a bad heart so he liked his sleep. The NG tube feeds were not so bad he could sleep while he ate and you don't have to burp him. It was nice when we got home and the monitors kept you up all night beeping.

Chase at 3 weeks old. He was o whole 4 lbs. He liked to be bundled up like this when he was sleeping. 2 weeks before he came home.

Mom giving her angel a kiss. I went to the hospital in the morning to feed and stayed for a few hours then ran home made dinner and then Dusty and I went back to feed and play for a few more hours. We always did his bath nights. It was nice to do the baths, it made Chase feel like he was really ours. It was very hard to go home with out Chase but then it gave us time to get ready for him to come home. We knew he would be coming home on the oxygen and monitors so we had to redo our bed room to make room for all of his things.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dad holding Chase for the first time. Chase has already got dad wrapped around his finger. It was hard on my husband in the begaining to deal with everything but after a couple of days and he had time to take everything in and he found out that the baby and mom were going to okay he was fine. He has always been so proud to be Chases dad and while Chase was in the hospital he never missed one day or night visit. I fell in love with him all over again when I seen how much he cared for me and Chase. His big hands trying to botton the tiny bottons on Chases chothes, The sweet whispers he shared only with Chase that when he gets bigger he will teacher him to ride the horses so he could rope with him. All the things he loves to do he promised to teacher our littlest of sons. He is a wonderful dad.

Mom, Chase and big brother Cody. The day we found out he had a heart defect which was called an AV canal. We also found out that Chase might have Down syndrome, which we found out a few weeks later he did. The Down syndrome news was not as hard to hear as the heart defect was. But we took all of the news about Chase very well I think and loved him at first sight. From the day he was born we have found that Chase has a magical way with people and brings peace to whom ever holds him. I am so glad the Lord blessed us with Chase. He is a joy to our family.

Chase was born 6 weeks early, he weighed 3 lbs 5 oz, 14 1/2 inches long. On 10/6/04. Chases birth was anything but normal. He did not like labor and showed just how much he hated it after the first good contaction and held his breath until his heart stopped, so with a nurse riding on the bed with me to get me ready the staff rushed me to surgary to have a Emergancy C-section, they put me out and a few mintues later Chase the blue boy was born and rushed to the ICU with dad running behind them. Chase was put on C-pap for the about 6 hours then put on 02 after that. This picture is the first time seeing him. It take one look into his tiny eyes for me to know he had Down syndrome but I did not say anything to anyone. I just whispered into his little ear " Oh, you are my own private Angel" I was not shocked or to my own surprise I was at peace with it. Later that night when I was all alone I thanked the Lord for giving me Chase and promised Him I would always take care of him and love him. The hard part I knew was going to be telling my husband.