Friday, March 10, 2006

Chase on Santas lap 2004. His first outing after he came home and it was a very short one. We kept Chase away from crowds so he would not get RSV or anything else. It was very inportant to us to keep him healthy for his heart surgary.

On my way home at a whole 4 lbs 3 ozs. Our room in stay the night before we brought Chase home to make sure we could handle everything and that Chase was ready to go home too. It went great and we went home the next morning.
Peanuts pad the night before we can home. Chases big boy bed with his monitors. His first time out of the Level II, the night before we brought him home.

Chase at 3 mths old. Christmas time and Chase has his long underwear on. He is now 5 lbs. WOW.

Dad, Chase and Cody sleeping. The day we brought Chase home. He is napping with Dad and big brother Cody. This is my very favorite Picture of the boys. PEACE at home.