Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chase was born 6 weeks early, he weighed 3 lbs 5 oz, 14 1/2 inches long. On 10/6/04. Chases birth was anything but normal. He did not like labor and showed just how much he hated it after the first good contaction and held his breath until his heart stopped, so with a nurse riding on the bed with me to get me ready the staff rushed me to surgary to have a Emergancy C-section, they put me out and a few mintues later Chase the blue boy was born and rushed to the ICU with dad running behind them. Chase was put on C-pap for the about 6 hours then put on 02 after that. This picture is the first time seeing him. It take one look into his tiny eyes for me to know he had Down syndrome but I did not say anything to anyone. I just whispered into his little ear " Oh, you are my own private Angel" I was not shocked or to my own surprise I was at peace with it. Later that night when I was all alone I thanked the Lord for giving me Chase and promised Him I would always take care of him and love him. The hard part I knew was going to be telling my husband.


lovemypookums; ) said...

Hi, I am in awe of you and your family, i also have a DS baby and I can read stories like this and feel the same way all over again. I know how happy you are, to hold your baby boy, to love him, share and to thank God for him, he is very special and I can tell he has been brought into a very special household!!!!!! Christine, mother of DS baby, birthdate 12-07-03, she had av canal too....God Bless You!!

jill austin said...

He is so darling, your family too. I loved hearing your stories. I too am a lucky mom to have such a special spirit be sent to us. She is our world as Chase is yours. Good Job on this blog. I'd like to set one up for my family.
Jill and miss Joby