Friday, March 10, 2006

The nurses had lots of fun with Chase in his 5 week stay, his dad had never seen his eyes open so they made his eyes open with his billy light mask. Chase was a star in the Level II. We have stayed very close to his girlfriends in the level II and visit them still and share pictures of Chase growing up.

Dad dressing Chase. This was fun for both of us as we had to learn to look for chothes that would work with all of his wires and tubes he would be coming home on. Dad was VERY good at the dressing table.

Chase at 2 weeks old. He slept alot and was the best baby. He had to eat every 3 hours which he did most of his feeds with an NG tube that runs from his nose into his tummy. Perms are sleepy all of the time and then he had a bad heart so he liked his sleep. The NG tube feeds were not so bad he could sleep while he ate and you don't have to burp him. It was nice when we got home and the monitors kept you up all night beeping.

Chase at 3 weeks old. He was o whole 4 lbs. He liked to be bundled up like this when he was sleeping. 2 weeks before he came home.

Mom giving her angel a kiss. I went to the hospital in the morning to feed and stayed for a few hours then ran home made dinner and then Dusty and I went back to feed and play for a few more hours. We always did his bath nights. It was nice to do the baths, it made Chase feel like he was really ours. It was very hard to go home with out Chase but then it gave us time to get ready for him to come home. We knew he would be coming home on the oxygen and monitors so we had to redo our bed room to make room for all of his things.

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