Sunday, April 30, 2006

Chase and the sand box. He loved it! This is the first time he has been dirty. We are so glad it is getting warm and we can finally get out side. It was a long winter at the Bennett house. Chase loves to be outside with all of the kids.
We now call him the dirt dog or Pig Pen.

Friday, April 21, 2006

It has not been an easy road at times for our family but we are a stronger and better family. I am lucky to have a Husband who is still in love with me and who really loves being a dad. Without him and the love of our other children I don't know where I would be now. STRESS of the everyday things with a child waiting for open heart surgery was at times almost more than you can handle. Looking back on Chases first year there were a lot of tears, hugs, prayers, sleepless nights, countless doctor visits, and laughter. One milestone after another and a heart full of dreams for his future. Pride in his dads eye, tenderness in hands that where as big as Chase and falling in love with my husband all over again. Finding strength from God knows where in hard times and thanking Him for all of the small things. Thanking Him for the big smile Chase gives us in the morning and the sleepy hug he gives just before he goes to sleep at night THANK YOU CHASE for choosing us to be your proud parents and for showing us what true family is. To my older children THANK YOU for loving your littlest brother and for always coming together when things got crazy and you had to eat dads cooking and you did it with a smile! I love you all,
My sweet boy, the most beautiful guy in the world.
I love this picture of Chase. He is 17 mths old. I am so blessed to have him and all of my kids to love and be loved in return. I would not change one thing about Chase, he brings so much joy and love into our home. I pray that others will see him as the wonderful person he is as he grows and that he will show the world how much kids with Down syndrome can do and not look at what they can't do. In our eyes the world is his.

Up with Downs Easter party 2006. Chase is 18 mths and he loved the Easter Bunny.
Chase has just learned where his and everyone elses nose, ears and mouth are. He is showing the Easter Bunny (mom) where hers is.
Chase 18 mths and his buddy Jake.

Chase pulling his Grandpa grin and playing with his car. 16 mths old.

Chase and his big brother Cody. Our little buck-a-roos. Cody 6, Chase 16 mths.

14 mths, Chase and his best buddy, DAD.

By the time Chase was 14 mths he sit up by himself and loved to play peek a boo.

He could crawl and pull himself up to anything.
Look I learned to poke my lip out when I am sad. SOOOO cute.
Chase was 6 mths when he learned to roll over and hold his head up good.
The day I came home. I found my toys!

Chase 2 weeks after his surgery.

Chase all healed up 1 mth after surgery and his 1st time off Oygen and his sats stayed at 96. WOW, no more O2 tubing running from one end of the house to the other. FREEDOM!

Day 4

We are getting ready to go home. Look how pink my lips are. No more blue lips.
Day 3, out of the PICU and into a room. Mom and Chase get to have time to themselves.

Day 2, Dad gets to hold Chase for the first time and feed him. Chase was one hungry little man.
Chase's Heart surgery,
March 31, 2005

On March 31, 2005 Chase had his AV Canal repaired. People can tell you about the surgery and how your child will look after the surgery but no matter how much you think you are prepared the shock of see all of the monitors, tubes and IVs that your baby is hooked up to is shocking. I hardest part the first day was they don't want you to over simulate your baby as they keep them heavily sudated for pain. But Chase was only on the vent for 10 hours and every morning when we came in to be with him for the day he was off other IV and more tubes were out. His surgery took 6 hrs 12 mins. and he was in the PICU for 3 days and moved to the floor on the 3rd day and we took him home on the 4th day. We thought we were going to be there for 7-10 days but Chase did so well, his team of Doctors let him come home early. We are so thankful to have some of the best Doctors and nurses in the country to care for our baby and that we are lucky enough to have a childrens hospital only 40 mins away from our home.
2005 Big Sister Chelsey and Chase at his first high school rodeo. Chase was 8 mths old. He loved it so much he slept the whole time. This was a big event for us as it was the first time we took Chase out after his heart surgary and with NO oxygen. Life became a little more normal for me on this day.