Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chase had his 18 mth check up yesterday. But he is 20 mths old. Chase is doing great, he is up to 19 lbs 9 ozs and he is 29 inches tall now. Chase gained 3 lbs and grew 4 inches in 3 mths. He is still small but is growing. He is doing very well on is fine, gross and social skills and the only things I had to mark "not yet" on was the walking by himself and walking up stairs. That will come in Chase time and noone else's. We are going to talk to a ENT about getting his T&A done in the hopes that it helps with his asthma but Chases ears still look good and he has still only had 1 slight ear infection a few mths ago. Everything else is going great! Chase goes for his annual check up with his Cardiologist on the 22 of this mth. I have really no worries about that, Chase has been doing great. We are planning on taking Chase on his first camping trip over fathers day. I am a little nervce but it will be a lot of fun for all of the other kids as I did not go with them camping last year as Chase was still healing up from his open heart surgary. It will be fun!
Other news, our 16 year old daughter Chelsey finally got her driver licence yesterday. She is one happy girl and worked very hard to get it. Now both of our 16 year olds are driving. 5 down 4 to go.


Michelle said...

Great update on Chase! WTG Grow!

Debra said...

Way to go Chase. Can't wait to see pictures of your camping trip. Can totally relate to the driving things. I love having drivers to help out.

Hugs from Debra and Hope