Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I awoke up the other morning to the most amazing thing! Chase can undress himself ! PJ bottoms and t-shirt where all off of him and he had alsomanaged to get his diaper off too! Which would have been ok but he had pooped in it. Needless to say it was everywhere. I woke up Dusty and I started his bath and was starting to clean him up a little before he got in the tub when I hear a strange nosie. I turned around just in time to see Dusty holding Chase out in front of him and throw up all over the floor. I know it is not funny but he said he didn't want to put Chase down on the floor while he went to throw up!? So instead of cleaning up 1 mess I had 2. I know now who is the smarter and stronger sex, at least in our home. I guess I should be thrilled that he can undress himself and pull the duck tape off of him diaper. I am going to have to start putting it on backwards with the tape too. I am still thrilled he has gotten so good at problem solving I just wish he would leave the clothes on. He is also now able to walk about 10 steps from standing in the middle of the floor. It looks kind of funny because he is only 29 inches tall and 20 lbs at 22 mths. He is also saying 3-4word sentences now. His favorite thing to say is "No My MOMMA No" to Dusty whenever he hugs me or gives me a kiss. Boy he is growing upfast.

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