Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I wrote this for my kids who started their first day of school today, I hope they see the humor in it when they get older. I love being the mom but am so glad when school starts so I can have that little break. It was wrote with love.

‘Twas the night before the new school year

‘Twas the night before the new school year and all through the house you could hear Chelsey yelling where is my blouse,
The backpacks where hung by the door with care in hopes that the school bus would not be there, The children were crying we don’t want to go to bed while visions of school buses danced in moms head.
Mom in her P.Js and dad having a night cap where just settling in for the last day of summer nap,
When out in the kitchen I heard such a clatter I tore open the door to see what was the matter.
Away down the haul I flew like a flash tripped over a toy and fell on my ass.
The light in the kitchen gave off such a glow giving a luster to the ice cream bowls all in a row.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear, 4 not so tiny children and one drinking MY root beer.
The oldest one the girl who is to be the driver was so lively and quick, I knew in that moment she was pretty slink, they were planning how to fake sick.
More rapid than Humming birds they were planning their scheme when I stepped into the room they all heard me scream, Chelsey, Austin, Courtney and yes Cody too Your idea is some what moldy,
children have been trying to plan this for years, It won’t work I am sorry my dears,
so off to bed and you had better fly for I could hear dad and he was coming for more pie.
Now in bed I told them to stay thing will look better for tomorrow is a new day.
Morning came and they all looked the same, no smiles and good mornings would they even say.
Their eyes didn’t twinkle their dimples where not merry!
Ones cheeks were like roses as he is allergic to cherry’s.
The bathrooms where full of girls with hair dryers on and one boy yelling "I NEED TO USE THE JOHN".
Breakfast now fed and dishes cleaned up mom was wishing 7:20 would hurry up.
Ones pants don’t fit, I should have made him try them on too, so short will have to do,
45 minutes looking for the keys, Austin starts to sneeze, hay fever and can’t find his pill and this is a big deal.
I need some coffee to clear my head before I decide to just drop dead.
My 6 year old Cody looks at me with tears mom let me stay home I have 12 more years.
Cody it will be fun, you will see all of your friends, as I rub my sore rear end.
Courtney is so cute all grown up and grown out of her ribbons and bows.
With all of school kids in a row I take their picture and off they go.
Everyone gone it’s just me and the baby I can finally have that coffee, just maybe.
Chelsey Austin, Courtney and Cody

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