Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today is Codys 7 th birthday and about right now my water had just broke. I called Dusty to tell him that my water broke and he said " I will fix it when I get home in about an hour can you turn it off by yourself "? We still joke about it. Cody is his dads boy ! Walks like him, talks like him and has his dads ears. He was to be the last but from the time he could talk he has asked for a baby brother. To my surprise he got one.
It is hard to believe how fast time goes by, he also started the 1st grade yesterday and he LIKES it. Lunch is kinda scarey he said but he likes his teacher and she seems to be real nice. Cody is the X box boy and can bet most of his older brother ( he has a few ). Tonight we are going to have Ice Cream and Cake with family and then on Sat. we are having a friend birthday party at our house. I love having all of these boys because in our house dad does the boy parties and I don't have to do anything but when the girls have a party I take them to a hotel for the night. Us girls are a little out numbered but it is still fun. Family is starting to show up so I need to go,
I Love You,


mum2brady said...

Happy Birthday Cody!

Debra said...

Happy birthday Cody...Hope you had a wonderful one. My son Jarod was 7 on Saturday. He got his wish also two years ago LOL. Funny what surprises can come into your lives.

Hugs from Debra and Hope