Friday, September 29, 2006

Call 911!

Today 2 years ago was the most embarrassing day of my life!

When I was pregnant with Chase I was put on bed rest at 26 weeks ( he was born at 35 weeks) it was the most boring thing in the world. I don't watch much TV but I love to read. I read about everything under the moon. I still had our at the time 5 year old at home all day and had to care for. It is a good thing he is an independent boy and good helper. We watched a lot of Disney movies and I know all of the lines to them now. We played games and I read to him. When the alarm went off he know it was time for mom to take her pills so brother could "cook" a little longer. Bed rest is just what I do when I am in my last stage.

With the back round out of the way here is what happened.

I decided since I was so close to when I could deliver Chase and I had been such a good girl that I would treat myself and high light my sad hair and put some makeup on. I had planned on having a late dinner of Chinese food in the bedroom without any kids for Dusty. It had been a real long time since he had seen me fixed up. This was to be a surprise for him.
I sat on the bed with a mirror and started to pull my hair through a cap so I could high light my hair. After this task was complete with shampoo and conditioner in hand I went to the kitchen sink to rinse the dye from my hair and wash it. Setting the products on the counter I washed my hair. As I reached for the conditioner I flipped the switch on that runs the garbage disposal. Yep my hair was still in the sink and by the way it was very long! It grabbed my hair with a force I have never felt before and there I was with my head suck to the sink !!!

I yell for Cody to bring me something to cut my hair to free my head from the sink and he says " Mom, dad said I can't touch sharp things ( long story) I beg him to please hand me something so he hands me a butter knife! Have you ever tried to cut your hair with a butter knife? It doesn't work well. Then I notice that I am having contractions and they are getting harder the longer I stand there! I tell Cody to call 911 and hand me the phone. With excitement in his eyes HE was going to put to use the skill his Dad has shown his even night since I was on bed rest.
He instead of handing me the phone calls and says the words he had been rehearsing for weeks!
2 mins later I have an ambulance, police, EMT, and the fire department at my door!
I forgot to tell you that I was dying my hair in a pair of boxer shorts and a bra!!!!
We have friends on these forces! Guess who got lucky and everyone we known was working that day!!
After a lot of giggling and my hair free I with my very red face am checked over good, guess who drives up our road? My husband ! Surprise! Is all I could say and then the tears flowed. All he could say was are you okay? And 5 inches off will not make that much difference. We ended up in the hospital over night.
I did however get my dinner alone with Dusty and a new hair cut the next day, Oh and a new disposal!
Chase was born one week to the day later!

Laugh!!, it was funny then and is funnier now LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Mom, Cody and baby Chase. 12 hours old!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weird Looks or Stares!!

I get weird looks everytime I am in ANY store Because I am weird, I act like a nut, laugh to loud at times and am a little over weight and have been known to go to Wal mart in my JP pants holding a coffee mug. AND GUESS WHAT I DON'T GIVE A S**T. I am a good hearted person with a big herd of kids who think I am weird but love me whole hearted. So I guess I don't notice others looking a little bit to hard at Chase I just figure they are wondering what other world I came from.
When they do stare I just say " I know he is just to damn cute for words, isn't he"? And then they say something like " Yes he is" and " I have someone I love who also has Down syndrome" and I end up talking to this person about Ds in the middle of the store for what my kids say is FOREVER.
Sometimes people do stare because they don't know what to say, we are so easy to offend that I wouldn't want to talk to us either, we all need to be a little more open to the stare and find out why they are staring, PJ pants advocating is what I call it.
Educate don't just run away.
Sorry but I needed to put 4 cents in.
This is not posted to hurt anyone so if I did I am sorry!!!!!!!!!!

I also have a son who was hit by a car and almost lost his leg while crossing the cross walk at the school, and get this I was on my way to the hospital in labor with now my 16 year old when this happened. It left him with a leg that works for now with pain and scars so bad that you can't even tell where his knee should be.
He lies all of the time when people stare at him, he tells them it was a shark bit or some other bull.
He has never thought of himself as anything but normal even with one leg 3 inches shorter than the other, this happened when he was 8. He snow boards, water skis, golfs, play all kinds of ball. He is in pain, it is ugly but it has NEVER been a big deal in our family and we will tell Chase the same thing I told Kenny " Don't ever say you can't, just say you will try " There is no shame in being different, it just makes us more interesting than those who think they are perfect.

I posted this on a board and I think the message was a pretty good one so I decided to put it on my blog. I don't think people really stare to be mean but because they don't know what else to do.
For the most part people are kind and to the rest, I hope a house falls on them like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

We all had a wonderful time at our first Buddy Walk! Pals came and entertains us, there was a hot air balloon, food, games, prizes for everyone, good friends and great weather! Who could ask for more! Our kids had a ball and Courtney won a scooter for collecting the most money for her age group, $ 408.00 all by herself. She even went out in the rain to collect money. I am very proud of her and all of my kids for helping out at this years Buddy Walk. What a honor to belong to a group of such loving and supportive families and friends. I feel very blessed to have this kind of a support group. THANK YOU to all who make this event possible for all of us to come together and enjoy!
Buddy Walk 2006, our team Chasers Racers !

Some of my family
Back row,Big Austin, little Austin, Chelsey, Courntney
middle row, Mom, Dad, Brooke and her friend Tim Marie
Fornt row, Chase & Cody

Dad, Mom, Chase & Brooke

The Herd!

Cody & Chelsey acting silly.

The family with my to cool 24 year old son Kenny in the sun glasses.He has a bad knee and did not walk with us but he came to support his little guy.

All girls go nuts for wrangle butts! (Chase)

Chase showing off his new moves to the girls.

And where was mom? Helping out at the Buddy Walk.

Austin, Chelsey & Courtney, arm in arm.

Here we go!

Chaser the Racer!

Chase, our little guy for whom we walk for!

One tired little boy and Chase was too.
Papas little man!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buddy Walk

This will be our first year attending the BW. I am pretty excited! I have even have the opportunity to lend a helping hand. But my story for today is about Courtney my 12 year old daughter.

She loves Chase more than life it self and has been a big advocate of Down syndrome. She gets very hurt when people tease others about their disabilities and hates the word retarded. She has learned a lot about Down syndrome in the last 2 years, just as the rest of our herd has. I never know just how much until she decided to take on the task of collecting money for our team ( CHASERS RACERS ). Courtney comes home everyday from school grabs her folder with info about Ds and the Buddy Walk, her brother who goes to guard her well being and off to fund raise for her brother. This has been very important for her to do this on her own, there is a prize involved but unlike some parents, SHE needs to work for it not us.But I do think Dad has helped a little by taking her to his friends too, Okay I did a couple of times to but she went to the door.

The first 8 houses she got $ 98.00. She has done well. After the 2nd day of knocking on doors around our neighborhood she was feeling really good about what she was doing until she knocked at the door of the man from hell.

Courtney gives her speech to this man who goes to our church and asks him if he would like to donate? He tells her " I have a video tape that will do YOUR family more good than money, it is about a drug that makes people who are retarded well." Courtney looked at the side walk where her older brother was standing and them told this man the FACTS about Ds. She also added you could have just told me no MR. And handed his tape back to him. I was very proud of the way she didn't blow up and was rude but she gave him info for him to think about. He did give the tape to my older son for me to watch, I did watch it, go right in the trash!

Later that night Courtney asked me " Mom, why would someone want to change Chase, there is nothing wrong with him, he is just a kid."

I hold fast in the belief that some day EVERYONE will be an equal and my children may help to make that dream real.
I am so blessed to know in my heart Chase will always be cared for by his sibling and that he will be loved by many when I am go.

That was my first concern when Chase was born, " Who will care for Chase when I am gone " I have my answer in the form of 8 shadows right behind him with words of encouragement and hand held out if he falls everywhere he goes.
Chase is BLESSED!

Friday, September 15, 2006

This picture means a lot to me. It is my daughter Chelsey and my son Austin. They are on their way to school ( High school) Austin is in the 10th grade and Chels is in the 11th grade. When Chels started kindergarten Austin cried ALL day long. He wanted his sissy girl. They are very close. Their dad pasted away in 2002 and it has been VERY hard.Dusty has been a god send. He loves my kids just like their own dad did. He does all of the guy things with Austin and all of the dad things with Chels ( he has even been teaching her to weld ) from rodeos to cheer leading Dusty has been right there. He has even been known to go prom dress shopping. He talked her into wearing her cowboy boots under her dress when the strap broke on her shoe and was a big hit. Can you say redneck lol. Chels wants to be a large animal vet so he lets her give all of our horses shots and she maintains all of their records and cares for the mares and their colts. She is his bud. So anyway>

Dusty and I had talked about getting a second car as Chels was getting her drivers lic. and I went and got mine ( after 10 years out dated, I liked the picture and the weight 110) so we had a friend who was selling her old car and we decided the price was right and we bought it. As you can see it is nothing great to look at but it runs like a dream. When you have not had a car of your own for years you don't care as long as it runs.

When we brought it home Chels asked Dust are you going to paint it? He told her this : " Chels you don't need a nice car right now, you are so pretty that the boys won't care what your cars paint looks like, besides when I was growing up only the ugly girls drove nice cars, they had to have something for the guys to look at". She smiled and off in the car she went When she came home Chels had tears in her eyes, she gave him a hug and said" I Love You old man". He asked me "what was that all about"? I told him "I had no idea".

I had slipped a note in the car before she left and it said " Chels please take care of the car, Dusty has been shoeing horse after work to save the money so we could have a car" We don't have a money tree but we have a lot of love in our home and our children know money can sometimes be tight. But to have someone in your childrens life who works so hard to give you things you want and need, I am blessed. Chels only needs 8 credits to graduate and she has just started her jr year. I think she has earned this.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is just not fair.........

My younger sister just had her 4th grand baby last night! Another girl, she now has 4 grand daughters and no grandsons. I want a grand baby too!
My older kids are so stingy, I can't even get any of them interested in getting married and now Kenny our oldest just told me he is going back to school and doesn't even want to deal with any girls right now. I guess I will have to just go on sharing my sister, she wasn't very good at sharing when we were kids so this should be fun. I bet she rubs it in my face tonight when I see her. GREAT! LOL

Her new littlest one was not so little, 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long! The biggest baby in our whole family, most of our babies are 5 lbs. Poor girl had a very hard time and it was her and her hubbies first. They were both so excited to have a baby. I am happy for them.

In this picture of Chase I didn't notice that he had a finger up, but my 24 year old son did! He wants a print of it. I think not but it is still funny.

I love this one of Chase, he is so silly and was just having a good time. He love to have his picture taken for about 5 minutes, then he just wants Mom to hold him.

More Pictures of Chase.

I don't have any pictures of me and Chase that do not have a hospital backround. So I decided to have someone take these ones for me. And I love them! The first pictures I have had done that I really like in a long time. I have a hard time with my weight after Chase was born, the whole old lady has a baby thing. But in these noone can tell how much weight I have put on! LOL
All of these were taken September 2006.

Friday, September 08, 2006

This is my garden! It makes me laugh!

We have not planted a garden for the last 2 years. I just simply did not want to mess with it. But this corn is growing in the flower bed on my front porch. I was going to pull it when it first started to grow but Dusty has had so much fun with it I just couldn't.

Here are some of his redneck excuses for not cutting it down when the kids ask him to.

" It is our corn maze, I hope no one gets lost, you might want to stay together, we will be charging even your cool friends "

" We are going to invite YOUR friends over to share in our harvest of the 3 ears of corn "

" Guys, come on we can play name that corn and where it came from"

My fav is " Baby, I am growing you some Halloween Yard Art "

He even waters it every night like it is prize win corn for the fair. Oh God, Maybe that is HIS PLAN!

He has had a lot of fun with the mystery corn. We have no idea how it got there unless some of the bird or squiral food got spilled. Anyways, It is funny and everyone who comes to our house has to ask why we have 2 stokes of corn growing in our front yard?

We all love to tease him and he loves to give it back in his redneck way. I love being married to someone who can laugh at himself and take a joke. There is alot that goes on in our house.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chase, my sweet boy.
September 2006