Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buddy Walk

This will be our first year attending the BW. I am pretty excited! I have even have the opportunity to lend a helping hand. But my story for today is about Courtney my 12 year old daughter.

She loves Chase more than life it self and has been a big advocate of Down syndrome. She gets very hurt when people tease others about their disabilities and hates the word retarded. She has learned a lot about Down syndrome in the last 2 years, just as the rest of our herd has. I never know just how much until she decided to take on the task of collecting money for our team ( CHASERS RACERS ). Courtney comes home everyday from school grabs her folder with info about Ds and the Buddy Walk, her brother who goes to guard her well being and off to fund raise for her brother. This has been very important for her to do this on her own, there is a prize involved but unlike some parents, SHE needs to work for it not us.But I do think Dad has helped a little by taking her to his friends too, Okay I did a couple of times to but she went to the door.

The first 8 houses she got $ 98.00. She has done well. After the 2nd day of knocking on doors around our neighborhood she was feeling really good about what she was doing until she knocked at the door of the man from hell.

Courtney gives her speech to this man who goes to our church and asks him if he would like to donate? He tells her " I have a video tape that will do YOUR family more good than money, it is about a drug that makes people who are retarded well." Courtney looked at the side walk where her older brother was standing and them told this man the FACTS about Ds. She also added you could have just told me no MR. And handed his tape back to him. I was very proud of the way she didn't blow up and was rude but she gave him info for him to think about. He did give the tape to my older son for me to watch, I did watch it, go right in the trash!

Later that night Courtney asked me " Mom, why would someone want to change Chase, there is nothing wrong with him, he is just a kid."

I hold fast in the belief that some day EVERYONE will be an equal and my children may help to make that dream real.
I am so blessed to know in my heart Chase will always be cared for by his sibling and that he will be loved by many when I am go.

That was my first concern when Chase was born, " Who will care for Chase when I am gone " I have my answer in the form of 8 shadows right behind him with words of encouragement and hand held out if he falls everywhere he goes.
Chase is BLESSED!


amy flege said...

thats is so wonderful!!! my middle child is the same way. we need more like them out there!! way to go!!

Christina said...

What a great daghter you have. You must be so proud of her!

mum2brady said...

WTG Courtney! She raised a lot of money for the Buddy Walk, and Chase will always be well cared for by your herd :) I love her perspective, she is so right, Chase is perfect just the way he is!!!