Friday, September 15, 2006

This picture means a lot to me. It is my daughter Chelsey and my son Austin. They are on their way to school ( High school) Austin is in the 10th grade and Chels is in the 11th grade. When Chels started kindergarten Austin cried ALL day long. He wanted his sissy girl. They are very close. Their dad pasted away in 2002 and it has been VERY hard.Dusty has been a god send. He loves my kids just like their own dad did. He does all of the guy things with Austin and all of the dad things with Chels ( he has even been teaching her to weld ) from rodeos to cheer leading Dusty has been right there. He has even been known to go prom dress shopping. He talked her into wearing her cowboy boots under her dress when the strap broke on her shoe and was a big hit. Can you say redneck lol. Chels wants to be a large animal vet so he lets her give all of our horses shots and she maintains all of their records and cares for the mares and their colts. She is his bud. So anyway>

Dusty and I had talked about getting a second car as Chels was getting her drivers lic. and I went and got mine ( after 10 years out dated, I liked the picture and the weight 110) so we had a friend who was selling her old car and we decided the price was right and we bought it. As you can see it is nothing great to look at but it runs like a dream. When you have not had a car of your own for years you don't care as long as it runs.

When we brought it home Chels asked Dust are you going to paint it? He told her this : " Chels you don't need a nice car right now, you are so pretty that the boys won't care what your cars paint looks like, besides when I was growing up only the ugly girls drove nice cars, they had to have something for the guys to look at". She smiled and off in the car she went When she came home Chels had tears in her eyes, she gave him a hug and said" I Love You old man". He asked me "what was that all about"? I told him "I had no idea".

I had slipped a note in the car before she left and it said " Chels please take care of the car, Dusty has been shoeing horse after work to save the money so we could have a car" We don't have a money tree but we have a lot of love in our home and our children know money can sometimes be tight. But to have someone in your childrens life who works so hard to give you things you want and need, I am blessed. Chels only needs 8 credits to graduate and she has just started her jr year. I think she has earned this.


mum2brady said...

Awwww - that is sooo touching Rose. And - Dusty is right - it doesn't matter what kind of car you drive - especially if you're cute :)

Debra said...

Ok, So I needed a good cry today. So beautiful. I can't say how much that has touched me today both this post and the one above it. Thanks again for sharing.