Monday, October 09, 2006

2 Year check up.

Chase had his 2 year check up today!
I can't believe he is 2! Boy does time fly.

Chase is now 21 lbs 9 oz and 30 inches tall. WOW! We can now finally go to the front facing car seat. Everything checks out great, he is in perfect health and I have been waiting to hear that for what seems to have been a life time.
We are going to take him up to Primary children's Hospital in a few weeks to see a ENT for just an evaluation as he has not been to one yet. Chase has only had 1 ear infection and his tonsils look fine. We are doing a "poor man" sleep test tonight at home with the sat monitor which should be fun. It is just to make sure he is still keeping his sats up when he sleeps.
All and All everything went great, all but...............

I was helping the nurse look in Chases file to see if we could find a paper I needed for my insurance and Chase was playing on the floor in his diaper when we heard him say "peep peep" I turned around and he was standing up with no diaper on peeing on the floor saying "peep peep" !
To be thrilled or not be thrilled that is the question?
The nurse just started to laugh and clap then the doctor came in and did the same thing!

As I was cleaning up the mess giggling to myself Chases doctor leaned over and said I think it is time to pottie train him, and I am so proud of the job you have done with him.
The tears welled up in both our eyes and I gave her a big hug and said thank you but without you I would not be here right now cleaning up pee off of your floor.
Chase was only given a 30% chance of make it when he was born. This Doctor/mom pulled and fought to keep Chase healthy enough to have his heart repair. She even drove out of her way to come see him when he was in the children's hospital, then called every day to check with the other team of Doctors just to see how he was doing. She has even brought dinner to me when she knew I did not leave his bed all day. She even sent her nurse over to my house to give Chase shots so he would not have to come to the clinic with all of the sick kids.
She has cried, laughed, and shared all of his milestones just like a friend would.
I am so grateful to have had the honor of Marcia Conner to be my sons doctor. I know with out her I would not have Chase to love today!
Blessed are those who give that kind of care and hope to a family who needs that little bite of faith that carrys us through to the next big step, CARING FOR A HEALTHY CHILD!


mum2brady said...

She is indeed a treasure of a doctor :) Mine is leaving and I may just switch to her :) I'm going to give the new guy in the office an opportunity first though :) WTG Chase - you are such an amazing little boy! You are going to be a terrific Two Year old!!!

Michelle said...

sounds like a great check-up! What an awsome doc you have...sounds like she really has gone out of her way and is a very caring person! Good luck w/the potty training!

Debra said...

Wow such a great appt. Sorry I have not gotten here sooner but usually I check out the blogs and read and then someone needs me. LOL

Debra and Hope