Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006
Happy Halloween!

If you had any questions about my family being rednecks, here is proof !
Chase is a TUR-DUCK-EN !
A Turkey, a Duck and yes a Chicken!
Weird I know but thats my FAMILY!
How is a boy gonna get chicks I mean GIRLS?

Then my sister Chelsey who is to grown up to do the whole Trick or Treat thing made me wear a sign that says. " Will walk for seed and Pork the only white meat". Silly girls!!!

This is my cool brother Austin!
Isn't he sooooooooo Cool !
He is a dog or something like a dog.

This bone boy is my brother Cody. He glows in the dark. Maybe next year Dad will let me be something cool like this.

And this is my best sister Courtney. She is a gypsy. Hers has bells on it. You can't see her very well cause I was helping Mom take the picture. Mom is going to take a better one tonight.

Maybe next year I will get this whole halloween thing but I really like knocking on doors and getting candy. I think you eat it until you get sick or something?

Thanks everyone for taking a peek, have a safe and Happy Halloween! BOOOOOOOO


Christina said...

Cute and cool pics :-) Chase is adorable, I am sure he will have no problems picking up the chicks...

Michelle said...

Chase is jsut too cute in his get up!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes!!