Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This picture may not seem to fit what I am about to say at first but keep reading:

In Utah the men folk have a very manly event that happens every year in the fall. It is the annual beer hunt, I mean deer hunt. We tease our men in the spring about putting their application for rejection in before the dead line. Then it is the waiting game for all of them young and old. My husband Dusty has a life time permit which makes him king of the rednecks. Well my 15 year old son also got a permit this year and can not wait to go out with the dads and sit around the camp fire and lie to their hearts content.
The deer hunt has always been a family thing until we had Chase. He has astma and a couple of other issues that keep me home with him over the hunt. I don't mind at all as it gives me time with him and the girls who are glad to stay home and get their nails done, eat out and sleep in moms bed ( while I take the couch ). The one thing I HATE is getting them ready to go. This year I told them I would do the shopping for food so they would have REAL food and not just snacks and pop or in dads chili and pork rines. This is where the story begins>

I decided to take all of the kids to school today and get an early start on my day of shopping for jerky, pop,TP and all of the other things on the list the boys gave me the night before. After dropping the little darlings who had been fighting ALL morning at school I decided to go to the ATM before going back home to feed and dress Chase who was home with his 24 year old brother.
I get to the ATM and go figure my card will not work. I go home get Chase ready to go and call the bank, I was told I needed to come in and get a new one . Another stop I did not plan on. After I do my thing at the bank I put Chase back in the car seat from hell and I bump the rear view mirror and it falls OFF. I unstrung Chase and we go into the store to buy super glue. Get that fixed and we are finally off to the store. 2 hours behind from my play of going home early to nap with Chase before picking up the kids.
I spend more on food for this hunt than I did for the last 2 weeks. But it is a good male bonding thing. As I am leaving the parking lot I notice that the 20 dollars in gas I put in 2 days ago was gone! ( 2 teenagers driving ) so knowing I would never make it home on what I had I decided to pull into the gas station. I normally go to the same gas station everytime but for some reason I stopped at this one.
When I pulled up to the pump I got out locked the door and went to put the gas in. Chase was sitting in the car seat from hell and these 4 teenage boys pull up next to us. I see one of the boys nug one of the other boys and begin to laugh.
Now I am not one of those people that think others are staring at my son because he has Down syndrome as most people who read my blog know. But this was bugging me so I looked into the car to see what Chase was doing that was so funny. Just as I looked in I seen him pull the ugliest face he could muster. Then he pulled every face that his dad and siblings have shown him at these boys. THAT is what they were laughing at, my son acting like a goof ball. I smiled at the boys and one of them said " Your baby is so cute, he reminds me of my brother who had Down syndrome, he pulled the same faces. He pasted away and I miss him very much". When he said those words my heart ached for this young man and the tears started to fall down my cheeks as he asked me may I open the door and hug him. I then told him to hang on and I take Chase out of the car seat, then handed him to this young man who by now was also crying held Chase in his arms. Chase gave him a big hug as to say I knew your brother too and he misses you as much as you miss him. After a few minutes the young man smelled Chase head and said " yep all babies with Down syndrome smell like heaven" then he handed my son back to me. I gave this stranger a big hug and my number, something 3 years ago I would have never done, but there was a bond, a bond of love for a child and the bond of common threads we all call Down syndrome. I know now why my day went the way it did today and I am so thankful I had all of these delays, with out them I might have never been able to witness the wonder of the bond between to PERFECT strangers. I know why I was given the honor of being Chases mom and it has changed my whole world for the better. I spent the rest of the afternoon just holding him, smelling the scent of heaven and feeling the Lords presents all around me.

Blessed are we the mothers of Angels.


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed reading this story when you posted it on the T21 board; so neat!

Christina said...

What a great experience, must have made you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Wow!

LeslieAnn said...

Oh geeeezzz...that is a tear-jerker. So sweet that you got to share such a special moment with a total stranger. I had a lady walk around the corner at Kohl's and lunge at me and squeezed until I thought I'd break. Her daughter has Ds and she just cried and cried when she saw 18-month Jackson in the shopping cart. She gave me a lot of advice and words of encouragement. I'll never forget that...I bet this young man won't forget you either. (That breaks my heart for his brother.)