Friday, October 06, 2006


Happy Birthday Chase!
Today is our littlest guys birthday ! He is 2 today. This is the birthday I have been waiting for, Chase 2 years old and healthy. Something I thought 2 years ago would never happen and prayed everyday that he would see the light of the next.

Now we have this healthy, happy wild 2 year old thats favorite place to play is anywhere he is not supposed ! He is just a 2 year old now. Thank God !

THEN! Oct. 6th, 2004


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chase...Hope you have a wonderful one and I hope mom posts lots of pictures.

From The Ridgways
Hope and Debra

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Chase! He's come such a long way and grown so much!!

amy flege said...

happy birthday to your healthy and happy 2 year old boy!! he is such a blessing!!!!