Sunday, October 22, 2006


Chase, he has been doing this all day! Papa and brothers went hunting and poor Chase wants his Dad. I want Dad, the dog wants Dad. We all want Dad. He has only been gone 1 night, 5 more to go. Chaser is a big daddies boy and knows when it is dark out side Dad should be home. It took me 2 hours to get him in bed without crying for his papa.
It doesn't help that dear Dusty let me with the flu and I have been telling myself all day that I do feel better, really I do ( right ). I missed the wedding of a close friends daughter today as I felt like, well you know!
Then I go into my room and Cody is all curled up in my bed. I went to pick his 65 lbs body up and about died. He woke up long enough to say " mom I feel safer in your bed when dad is gone and dad said to watch over you ." WHAT! This kid is good! I wish dad would have said "and sleep in your OWN bed". Oh well, everyone is in bed and I am thinking Codys bed is looking pretty good. Bunk beds huh.
I miss daddy too!! But when I talked to him tonight he said they were having a ball. Oh and he is over HIS flu. NICE and thank you dear for giving it to me.
Well I am off to snuggle down in a twin bed to sleep with buzz light year sheets and comforter and a toy story pillow. JEALOUS!? Don't be it is not really that cool but a mom has to do what a mom has to do! Right?

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Michelle said...

sorr to hear you're not feeling well - especially when you're being a single mother! Hope you feel better soon and that the week goes by fast for you!