Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sorry you had to hear this from one of your friends dads but yes your MOM WAS HOT!
Here is the story.

My daughter takes a friend home after school along with a girl she doesn't know very well. This girl invites Chels in for a coke and to goof off for awhile. The new friends hit it off really good until her step-dad comes home. He plays 50 questions with Chels, then it came to who is your parents and she tells him. The step-dad looks at her for along time and all of a sudden he says My maiden name. Chels looks at him funny and say yes that is my mom. He gets a big smile on his face and says YOUR MOM was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I dated her when you were just a little girl!

Chels comes home and we get a good laugh about it.

A few days later Chelseys new friend calls and asks her to come hang out. When Chels gets ready to come home the step-dad comes out to her car from the back door and hands her this little box and tells her "these are your moms" Chels didn't know what to say. She brought it home and I opened it. These pictures where in it along with a note saying " Thank You for all of the memories, you were a great friend" When Chels seen them her jaw hit the ground, she said Oh Mom I had no idea!

So you see kids, MOM WAS HOT!

Thank you my old friend for my pictures back and for shocking my daughter! HEHEHE


amy flege said...

rose those are beautiful!! what a neat story..small world, uh?

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! That's too funny that he knew you! :)
And LOL - I have some of those tucked away some where too!