Monday, November 27, 2006

Where to start with my update.........

Lets see, Chase was in the hospital for a short stay. He had Roto Virus which gave him a diaper rash which in turn gave him Cellulitis on his rear end. It was sooooooo bad. I will never feel the same about a rash again. He was given 10 rounds of 2 different antibiotics every few hours. Chase is doing better now. That was on the 7th.

We had a wonderful THANKSGIVING. We had most of our kids here. We were only missing 1 and he was working a double shift so the workers with children could be home for dinner.
My mom came too. It is my year to have my mom to dinner. I have to share her. The Kids helped me make a center peace of candles and flowers. Then we got out my grandmas china that we only use once a year. As I was washing them a rush of memories flooded my mind and heart. I remember the first time I ever seen these plates and the story behind them.

I was around 6 or 7 years old and we came to Utah from California to spend Thanksgiving at my Grandmas farm in Milford. It was always fun to go to grandmas farm because we could run around like wild animals and no one seemed to care. It was out in the middle of no where and my grandma and Uncle raised cattle, corn, wheat and hay on this family owned farm of 2000 acres. It was so much fun and my grandma was the happiest person I have ever known. She loved to dance and sing. She always had funny stories to tell us kids about my mom when she was a girl. I asked if I could help dry the dishes we were going to use for our Thanksgiving dinner. She smiled and said yes, then she told me the story behind these dishes I now use once a year on my own table.

She was never a very wealthy person but for the most part made ends meet which in her day to be a divorced woman with 3 children was not easy. She used mixed and matched dishes for many years before she had something nice and it all matched. How she got them was what I was so impressed with and to this day I still am.

When the grocery stores first came out with green stamps ( buy food get green stamps for every dollar you spend) you could buy china that was on display at the store. Each week there would be a new peace to the china set. My grandma wanted a set of nice dishes for thanksgiving so she started to collect this set of dishes. It took her 2 years to collect a service for 8.

On that Thanksgiving she proudly placed her new china on her table. She knew it was just cheap dime store China but to her and her guest that first year it was the most beautiful table in the world. That Christmas her brother surprised her with the matching serving bowls and plates.
She has had other sets of china given to her but she always used her dime store china. It was to remind her where she came from. My grandma told me when she pasted away the dishes would be mine.
When she pasted away in 1988 I was given a letter along with these dishes and it said always remember who you are and where you come from, remember me when you use these and know that I love you and will watch over you. As I looked at the wheat pattern on the plates and ran my finger over them I remembered her warm smile, dancing feet, and thanked her for all she had taught me and I ever so carefully dried the next plate and set it aside. Just then my daughter came in and said are you okay mom and I simply said to her " You're love of dance, that comes from your Grandma and could she cut a mean rug in her day"

My mom helped set the table and when she seen that I was using the dishes she held one close to her then ran her finger over the wheat pattern on the plate. I held her hand and we said nothing, we both missed her so much and were so thankful for her love and kindness and for these old dishes to remind us of her.

I miss you Grandma B.


Anonymous said...

happy Chase is feeling better....
Have the same feeling about my moms dishes from back in switzerland....
have a nice day

Michelle said...

sorry to hear how sick Chase was; glad he was feeling better by the time Thanksgiving came around!

What a nice story you shared about your grandma's china set and how they've been passed on to you - what a treasure!

Christina said...

Glad that Chase is doing better and that you had a happy thanksgiving :-)

LeslieAnn said...

Love that story!

Glad Chase is out of the hospital! Poor thing! Being that sick is awful. Glad he's better.