Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cody and Chase playing in the tree! 2006

This is what Christmas is all about. WONDER!!
I love to watch my younger boys redo the tree 10 or 20 times a day. As Cody touches the ornaments on the tree he wants to hear the story behind each of them. I even have one that my husband made as a boy scout for his mom that she gave me a few years ago. Each of them have a story and I hold very close to my heart. But the ones that I love the most are the ones that they have made. Paper plate Santas, ect. I still hang the ones my 25 year sons has made. I pack each one like fine china in the Christmas boxes for the next year.
I have never had a " Prefect Tree", just one full of love and memories.


Anonymous said...

I so agree about the "perfect tree" we have one of those also. Ornaments from when I was a child and those from the kids that they have made. Each year we go through them and allow the kids to hang up thier own. Our tree may not be fancy but it holds memories also. Thanks for the reminder about the beautiful trees we all have.

Hugs Debra and Hope

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!!


Anonymous said...

you got the spirit of christmas....its all about the family...not the gifts you spend money on...its the gift of health and happiness....

Anonymous said...

I wanted to wish you and your famil a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007!

Sara, Mike & Nathaniel

mum2brady said...

awww - what adorable pics Rose!!! I love the ones of Chase :) He is soooo dang cute!