Monday, January 08, 2007

Blaming it on your Genes ( Jeans )!!!!!

My 7 year old like to remind that I AM the OLDEST mom in his 1st grade class!
Come on, don't these kids have something, anything better to do than talk about how old their moms are?!

1. No I did not walk with the dinosaurs.
2. I did not live in a log cabin while my dad fought in the civil war.
3. I did not come to this country on the Mayflower.
4. We did not own the first car and trade in a horse and a cow to buy it.
5. Finally, That funny round thing on Grandmas phone IS how we dialed a phone, no push bottoms or cordless, call waiting or cells.

How ever I do remember when the first man walked on the moon. I was in kindergarten.
I still love big hair rock and I did wear HASH jeans and shoulder pads in my shirts and thought I looked so cool with my big hair dyed very blond.
John Travalta was sooooooo hot in my day.
No NICK just Mr. Rodgers and PBS.
We got early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons.
And when the Wizard of Oz came on TV once a year we watched it as a family.
I also remember how much fun it was to go OUTSIDE and play with my friends.
Money was no adject as WE had NONE.

Something else kids, when you play MY music like AC/DC and Areosmith I know all of words, it is because it was MY music WAY before it was yours, you silly rabbits rock is for your old mom.

Feel proud when your mom dances around the house in her underwear while ironing your pants for school because one day you to will have ungrateful kids who think you are older than dirt and will want to know where YOU heard that new song while you are singing at the top of your lungs and they are talking to their friends on the phone.
It's in your genes (jeans) that is just who you will be, the crazy lady who your kids' friends try to tell you "your is so cool". They will say that because you are and you got it from your MOM WHO IS SOOOOO COOL, NOT OLD!
Hold your heads high.

Now kids look at Grandma C. She still listens to oldies rock and can make a fool of herself with the best of them. And her mother did it before her ect.Aren't you lucky. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
The world loves a clown so be one and laugh at yourself. I do every day!
One day YOUR children you love so very much will say to you " Mom, what in the heck were you think in that outfit and hairdo". You can just smile and blame it on your GENES too.

And Dusty, Thank you for still wanting to chase me around the house when the kids are at school. I stopped running not because I am old but because we have so little time these days to have "that" kind of fun anymore.

You never make me feel old, just wicked.


Anonymous said...

I just love this story...I tell my kids that they are using our music...all the ones you have mentioned and then they have had to remake our movies. They have to use our stuff because they know they can't improve on the best.

Hugs and thanks for the laugh. I also love the one of Dusty tending Chase. Funny that is how my family tends Hope.

Debra and Hope

mom2rhett said...

Cute story!!!

Sara said...

Hahahaha that was a cute post..So true too! Thanks for the smile :)