Friday, January 05, 2007

I love my birthday!
On the 2nd I turned 43! It kinda sucks to have your birthday so close to Christmas and New Years but Dusty always tries very hard to make my day perfect.
This year was not the best birthday I have ever had. My neck went out so I was spent the day getting it adjusted and on pain killers. All I wanted to do was sleep and wait by the phone to see if the lump that removed from Chelsey was cancer. I am glad to say it was not THANK GOD!
Dusty being the kind of wonderful man he is decided to take me out for a night on the town tonight. I have no idea where or what we are doing. He is just that way. It is so great to to married to a man like him. So I guess I had better take a nap while Chase is so I can stay awake tonight, you know I am older than dirt now! LOL

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Anonymous said...

oh Happy belated birthday to you ! I turn the DREADED 45 in April :( Aint gettin out of bed!!