Monday, February 05, 2007

You have heard of the CISCO KID, Chase is the CRISCO KID! Yep, that is Crisco or better yet just plain old shortening he has all over himself.
I really don't want to tell Dusty about this as I will never live it down!

You see My husband THINKS that I am the most amazing person in the world.
When he has the kids for a few hours while I am off doing something, he always tells me when I get home " I don't know how in the hell you do this everyday" So I guess it is time to tell all, well most of my secrets Dusty.

1. The child's gate can be moved from one room to the other. So when I want to clean the kitchen I lock him in the front room. and so forth.

2. Offer to pay the kids to leave you alone for 1 hour and THEY well.

3. Play hard with them in the morning and the little one will take a longer nap. You can even sometimes get a quick one too.

4. Even before the dryer broke, if the wash got piled up, oh yes baby I took it to the MAT and did it, then said I did wash all day, just so you would cook dinner.

5. I have even told you it was homemade pie when it was not, I just bought it took it out of the tin pan and put it in one of mine.

6. Oh and last but not least that homemade strawberry jam you love so much, it too came from the store. It was heated then put in a mason jar and sealed. I am so glad you loved it.

So my love next time you think it is fun to fix my car with BALEING TWINE AND DUCT TAPE I would think twice.

I love you Dust and as you can see I am not perfect, Chase does get into things when I have him. I just am better at burying the clothes. and cleaning up the evidence of the mess.

The best thing about Chase becoming a mess ass of our family is that all of our other kids did the same things, he is just a average 2 year old!


Sara said...

ahahahaha that is soooooooooooo true!@! And I LOVER George Strait :) YOu pick great music!!!!


mum2brady said...

Hee hee hee - the crisco kid - I love it :)

Funny post - thanks for the smile!

JerseyTjej said...

I could use a little appreciation from the hubbs once in a while...Babygirl knows sign language but none of us do...It is not the same here...