Friday, March 30, 2007

Watch what you say.......

Our 7 year old Cody is funny little man, says it like he sees it.

Here is how this starts:

My girls like to wear boots with their skirts and Dusty has a hay day teasing them about it. He has NO fashion sense what so ever. Jeans, button down shirt, boot and a ball cap. That is what he wears.

Cody has the best teacher in the world. I love her! he is in the 1st grade. That being said this is what happened:

I was at the store the other day and I ran into Cody's teacher. She asked how Chase was (her son has had 4 OH surgeries no Ds). I told her fine, then she starts to giggle and she says " I just have to tell you want Cody said" I am thinking "oh god please"

She was talking to the kids about the writing assignment she had just given them when Cody raised his hand.

Teacher: Yes Cody

Cody: I am sorry and I don't mean to be rude but in that outfit you kinda look like a HILLBILLY.

She had on a jean skirt and jacket with boots. She said she was laughing so hard she could not come up with an answer.

So she asked " What makes you say that Cody?"

He says " My DAD, he told my sister that she looked like a HILLBILLY when she wears her boots with a skirt, he calls her Elly May"

Then Cody titles his writing assingment " My Hillbilly teacher from the black lagoon"

I wanted to die right there!

She told me she told her husband and he said "Well Elly May, if the boot fits" Lol

We both decided that these men have no idea what is cute and what is not.

I come home and was telling Dusty what HIS son said as my husband is walking outside at 11:00 pm to feed the horses in his PJ pants, jacket and YES HIS COWBOY BOOTS............

Lesson for men, look at what you are wearing before you judge what is fashion and what is not, then look around to make sure the ears of a 7 year old are not there to hear the weirdo remakes you make about the boot and the skirt thing. It will save the mom some embarrassing moments.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Who does Chase look like?

Is it in the eyes? or is it the nose or both? Maybe the hair but Chase is all me. He is as wild as I was and into eveything as I was, so my mom says. There is one thing that can not be mistaken and that is he is his mommies boy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chase gone wild and behaving badly.............

Chase has decided he wants to wear everyones underwear so we got him some of his own. I was trying to get him to stand still for a picture but he just wanted to be the wild.........

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pam from mom2rhett "Tagged me" with this 5 favorite things about feminism....

1. Being able to have a child, grow to love it as it grows inside, hold it at birth and looking a a face your soul has always known, the bonds of Motherhood.

2. The feeling you feel inside of your soul and heart when you first feel that sign of life inside of you. For me is was my first sign that their was a God and He did love me. I waited for that feeling for many years and had lost hope of ever becoming a mother. And look at us now!

3. The ability to do something manly but not having to because I am a girl with men around who still respect that fact. All of my boy open doors for us girls, it is just good manners. I also am the DD when we haul hay and my boys would never let me touch a bale of hay with their dad around, it just is not done. I do get to feed the animals when all of the boys are gone but not without the help of Cody and Chase.

4. The way my husband kisses the back of my neck and says you smell sooooo good. The power to turn his head and set a mood with just a look, a smile or touch.

5. The way my hand feels so small and safe in my husbands, what comfort I can draw from him by simply holding him big strong hands. I feel safe.

6. The look of surprise and pride on my husband and sons faces when we go trap shooting and kick every ones butts, then win the pot. Remember I am just a girl ! (who had a dad who loved to shoot too).

Okay Sorry I had 6. I could have really gone on with this Tag as I love being a girl!! Now who should I pick on:::: Julie, maybe you will update your blog you started ? Shannon, a new blogger friend. Welcome to the fun.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Chase loves the horses. When Dusty gets home from work Chase signs "want horse" so Dusty will either get on the computer and look at horses with him or if it is not dark takes Chase outside with him to feed. Chase has also
decided he like our dog Zip. I named the dog because I think the guy in the movie "Lost of the Dog Men" That was the name of the dog in it and unlike mine he was very smart. My dog will chase the ball a few times then he hides it from the kids. I guess he is pretty smart come to think of it. The 3rd picture is Chase signing horse.

This set of pictures where taken last week up American Fork canyon. My brother was he from California so Dusty and him went for a ride to take some pictures home for his wife and son. We do live in a beautiful part of the country. This is also where we life to ride our horses in the summer.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Martin LaRay Clements

Martin LaRay ClementsMartin La Ray Clements Born October 7, 1931 Returned to his Heavenly Father on February 22, 2007. Martin was a graduate of American Fork High school class of 1949. Immediately following joined the United States Army and was active for 22 and half years. Surviving the Korean and Vietnam war. In 1976 Martin attended Provo College and received an associates degree in Applied Science of electronic technology He spent 15 years as an employee of the United Stated Postal Service, retiring at age 62 Martin spent many years enjoying hunting, fishing, bowling, traveling and family get togethers. He was also an active member of the LDS church and enjoyed teaching Sunday school and other positions held within the church.He married Viola Lowder and was later divorced. In 1984 married his soul mate and love of his life Zola Patsy Fillmore Clements together the two enjoyed traveling Coast to Coast. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple. He and Patsy were known to be frequent flyers of the Nevada Utah border.Survived by his wife Patsy, children and step children. Ed and Valerie Clements Lehi, Ut., Jesse and Debra Hopkins Long Beach Calif., Dusty and Rose Bennett, Lehi Ut.., Micheal and Tina Johnson Lehi Ut. Don and Stacy Clements Springville Ut. Sheila and Charles Brown Clark Wy. Valerie and Stephen Digiantomasso Vero Beach Fl. Martin Jr. and Phyllis Clements Toole Ut. Scott Fillmore Orem Ut. Lewis Fillmore U.S Embassy London, England , Mark and Robyn Fillmore Sp.Fork Ut, Jon Fillmore Orem Ut. 22 plus grandchildren and 14 plus great grandchildren. A special grandson Chase Don Bennett who has been the apple of his eye. Whom grandpa will be watching over. Also survived by his Mother Grace Nielsen Clements. Brothers and Sisters Shirley and J.R Price Am Fork Ut. Lyle Rod and Kathryn Clements Lehi Ut., Robert and Sherry Clements Lake Point Ut., Vickie and Merlin Hatton Lehi Ut. Jack Clements Provo Ut. Many Nieces Nephews and friends. Preceeded in death by: Father Welby Clements, Brother Darold J. (Bud) Clements. Sister in law Theresa Clements.Graveside services will be held Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. in the Camp Williams Veteran's Memorial Park Cemetery, Bluffdale, Utah. Military rites will be provided by VFW District#4 Services under the direction of Sundberg-Olpin Mortuary. Published in the Daily Herald on 2/25/2007.