Monday, March 12, 2007

Pam from mom2rhett "Tagged me" with this 5 favorite things about feminism....

1. Being able to have a child, grow to love it as it grows inside, hold it at birth and looking a a face your soul has always known, the bonds of Motherhood.

2. The feeling you feel inside of your soul and heart when you first feel that sign of life inside of you. For me is was my first sign that their was a God and He did love me. I waited for that feeling for many years and had lost hope of ever becoming a mother. And look at us now!

3. The ability to do something manly but not having to because I am a girl with men around who still respect that fact. All of my boy open doors for us girls, it is just good manners. I also am the DD when we haul hay and my boys would never let me touch a bale of hay with their dad around, it just is not done. I do get to feed the animals when all of the boys are gone but not without the help of Cody and Chase.

4. The way my husband kisses the back of my neck and says you smell sooooo good. The power to turn his head and set a mood with just a look, a smile or touch.

5. The way my hand feels so small and safe in my husbands, what comfort I can draw from him by simply holding him big strong hands. I feel safe.

6. The look of surprise and pride on my husband and sons faces when we go trap shooting and kick every ones butts, then win the pot. Remember I am just a girl ! (who had a dad who loved to shoot too).

Okay Sorry I had 6. I could have really gone on with this Tag as I love being a girl!! Now who should I pick on:::: Julie, maybe you will update your blog you started ? Shannon, a new blogger friend. Welcome to the fun.


Jessica said...

Great answers! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be posting mine later today. And I can't wait to read more about Chase and the rest of your family! Can I add your link to my blog?

Sara said...

Ahh You made me think :p I answered mine :)
Great list you had!!

amy flege said...

great answers rose. and i love the new look of your blog!!!!!