Monday, April 30, 2007

The Baby Shower

It's a baby Shower?

" Mom why are you girls going to a baby shower? Won't Kenny and Kaceys baby be to little for a shower when it is born? Oh or all of you going to get a shower? You just got out of the shower. Why are you wearing make up to get in the shower? What is dad going to feed us boys for lunch? I hope it is not something he has to cook. Mom, can I just go with you, dad does not know how to take care of me very well."
" No Cody boys are not invited to this. A shower is so that a bunch of ladies can get together and share all of the horrors of childbirth with the mom-to-be, then we give her gifts as to say we are sorry. No the baby does not use the shower until he is older. I am wearing make up so no one can tell just how old I am. Besides the ex family will be there too. And Cody your father does too know how to cook and besides I think he is taking all of you boys out to lunch..........and Cody.......I LOVE YOU TOO!!"
Sometimes it is just a joke to even leave the house without 50 questions from one of our herd.
As you can see we are well on the way to becoming first time grandparents. My sons in-laws gave this first shower for the to be parents. It was a very nice shower and they recieved lots of very nice gifts and had lots of fun visiting, eating ice cream and scaring poor Kacey to death.
The girls and I are planning a shower for them too but are going to wait until after he is born. Then we can play past the baby and see his sweet little face.
It is funny to think that in a few weeks our 2 1/2 year old son Chase will be the Uncle Chase...............

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our 8th Anniversary..........

I have known Dusty ever since he was in the 7th grade. His sister and I where friends but not close friends. I am a couple of years older than Dusty so when I knew him he was still in the bra flipping stage of his sad per teen life.

When I would hang out with his sister after school we would all go in her car over to this coffee shop and drink a coke and eat the best fries in the WORLD. It never failed every time all of us girls hung out together we would have to go pick up Dusty from the Jr. High. He was the single most annoying boy in the world. He bug us for money, rides, food and he always wanted to sit by me. I think he even smelled funny! Dusty was the epitome of cowboy-redneck.

It was the early 80's. Dusty always had some kind of hat on. Ball cap, cowboy hat ect. He even had one on for senior pictures. He wore wrangles, t-shirts or western shirts and boots. (Dusty has not changed much. lol ) He was into FFA, High School Rodeo, wrestling, hunting, trucks, raising cows, race horses, pigs ect. You get the point. I was into ME, softball and ME! I was way to good for him and his band of marry men he hung around with. Until one night.

I was invited to go to a High School Rodeo with my younger brother (Dusty and him are 1 week apart). My brother was dating a girl who Barrel Raced (can chaser). So I decided to go. So here I am sitting in the grand stands when I here over the loudspeaker. Dusty's name announced for calf ropin'. I thought here comes that bra flipping shit kicker. To my surprise he was all grown up, and I might add he was dang good looking on that horse. So I watched him rope then went to find him. He was a senior now. I walk out to the parking lot and I run almost into his horse, so I tell him that was a good run and we make small talk for a few minutes and I am just about to ask him if I could buy him a coke and fries when this girl came over and he said " I would like you to meet my wife" YOUR WIFE I thought. Oh well so I go off my way and he goes off his.

I get married have a couple of wonderful kids. My husband at the time had bought a pup from a friend of ours and was going to have it at the race track on race day(horse) so we go up there to the track and by this time my marriage was falling apart. My husband gets so drunk he passes out in his truck by the time I even get to the track. So I go find this guy with the pups to pick it up and drive my drunk home.

I was told that the pup where in Dusty's trailer. So I go over to get the pup and walk around the trailer just in time to see Dusty walk out of it with a big bowl of water, so I say hi to him and he drops the water on the ground, oh I forgot to tell you, I had grow up too, into I must say a small, tan beauty myself with long blond hair. For the first time that I had known Dusty he was speechless. He gave me the pup and I gave him a friend hug and we went our own ways again.

Then in 1998 I was invited to a BBQ by some friends who I guess thought I was lonely or something and had set up a blind date. They would not tell me his name. I had been divorced for 4 years. Why is it married friends always think their single friends are looking for a mate?

Anyway, he was 1 hour late and I was going out the back door to go home because he was late when I ran right smack into him. It was DUSTY! The rest is history! He did tell me on our 3rd date that he had always been in love with me and showed me that he was still carrying my 10 grade picture in his wallet.

9 Kids later and a grandson on the way and my heart still skips a beat when I see him walk in the door every night from work. He always gives me a big hug and a kiss on the neck, then whispers in my ear "I love you my baby" with a grin on his face.

I love my life and there is not a day that goes by that I don't tell Dusty just how much I love him and show him how much he is loved. That what it is all about, loving one another, not the gifts we receive or the fancy dinner we get to go to. As a matter a fact this year Dusty and I got all ready to go to dinner and our oldest called and he needed help with a crib they had just got for the baby. Kenny had put some of it together upside down Lol, and help him put a washer and drier in their new home. I packed kids for a school trip. Then we went out for ice cream. Not to romantic you might think? Well, this oldest son is not Dusty's but mine, the kids that went on the trip Dusty payed for are mine too. I look at that as very romantic, just the idea that there is a man in my life who love not only me but my children? It just makes me love him even more!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mikey, the Angel my Dad carried into the light.........

Mikey passed away on February 22, 2007, the same day as my own dad passed away.
Mikey passed away in the early morning hours in the loving arms of his mom.
I was on line that morning when she posted that he had pasted away.
My own father had asked me the night before if he could go "home". I finally said yes dad I am ready now to let you go, I kissed my dad and held him for a long time, held his once big strong hands and did as he asked to sneak Chase his beloved grandson in to see him one last time. My dad was ALWAYS proud to have a grandson with Down syndrome and on the day of his birth he just smiled at me and said "Chase has always been in our hearts, now he is here for us to love and learn from"
How my dad loved all of the grand kids and showed them all how to ty a good fly and how to fly fish. He would say anyone can fish but it is an art to make a fly dance on the end of a line.
The next morning the 22nd he was going in to have another chest tube put in to drain off more fluid. I called him just before he went into surgery as he did not want me there. He told me somethings I still needed to take care of for him. Then he said never forget how much I love you and I will watch over my boy and if he comes before you I will be the one who comes for him.
I then told my dad that a little guy named Mikey who also had Down syndrome had past away just a few hours before and if today was his day to go home could he please find him so Mikey would not go alone into the light? My dad then said "Sweetheart, I will run to find Mikey, I will need a fishing buddy"
I hung up the phone knowing that I would never speak to my dad again but felt a comfort in knowing this is what he wanted and he would not walk alone into the light.
My daddy went to find Mikey and make his journey into the light at 12:15 pm.
I like to think of my dad standing in a stream up to his knees making a fly dance on the water for a little boy to whom I have never met but will carry in my heart as long as I live.
I miss you dad, Until we meet again, watch over Mikeys mom as you have watched over me.
Mikeys mom,
Thank You for sharing him with us and for the comfort you have given me in your own time of need. God bless you and your family.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Gardner.........

I pull the weeds, The Boy puts them back.

And Oh Yes! That is a Pink Flamigo in my FRONT yard.

For those of you who know the joke, well it's back........I think it is on this blog (the story) somewhere.

Family Easter Fun 2007

Redneck Easter

Easter 2007

Chase coloring Dad and eggs.

4 kids coloring eggs. Oh and 1 dad making trouble.

Easter goodie for the kids. Notice Chase got a pottie full of candy.

Chase using his new pottie.