Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a baby Shower?

" Mom why are you girls going to a baby shower? Won't Kenny and Kaceys baby be to little for a shower when it is born? Oh or all of you going to get a shower? You just got out of the shower. Why are you wearing make up to get in the shower? What is dad going to feed us boys for lunch? I hope it is not something he has to cook. Mom, can I just go with you, dad does not know how to take care of me very well."
" No Cody boys are not invited to this. A shower is so that a bunch of ladies can get together and share all of the horrors of childbirth with the mom-to-be, then we give her gifts as to say we are sorry. No the baby does not use the shower until he is older. I am wearing make up so no one can tell just how old I am. Besides the ex family will be there too. And Cody your father does too know how to cook and besides I think he is taking all of you boys out to lunch..........and Cody.......I LOVE YOU TOO!!"
Sometimes it is just a joke to even leave the house without 50 questions from one of our herd.
As you can see we are well on the way to becoming first time grandparents. My sons in-laws gave this first shower for the to be parents. It was a very nice shower and they recieved lots of very nice gifts and had lots of fun visiting, eating ice cream and scaring poor Kacey to death.
The girls and I are planning a shower for them too but are going to wait until after he is born. Then we can play past the baby and see his sweet little face.
It is funny to think that in a few weeks our 2 1/2 year old son Chase will be the Uncle Chase...............

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