Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mikey, the Angel my Dad carried into the light.........

Mikey passed away on February 22, 2007, the same day as my own dad passed away.
Mikey passed away in the early morning hours in the loving arms of his mom.
I was on line that morning when she posted that he had pasted away.
My own father had asked me the night before if he could go "home". I finally said yes dad I am ready now to let you go, I kissed my dad and held him for a long time, held his once big strong hands and did as he asked to sneak Chase his beloved grandson in to see him one last time. My dad was ALWAYS proud to have a grandson with Down syndrome and on the day of his birth he just smiled at me and said "Chase has always been in our hearts, now he is here for us to love and learn from"
How my dad loved all of the grand kids and showed them all how to ty a good fly and how to fly fish. He would say anyone can fish but it is an art to make a fly dance on the end of a line.
The next morning the 22nd he was going in to have another chest tube put in to drain off more fluid. I called him just before he went into surgery as he did not want me there. He told me somethings I still needed to take care of for him. Then he said never forget how much I love you and I will watch over my boy and if he comes before you I will be the one who comes for him.
I then told my dad that a little guy named Mikey who also had Down syndrome had past away just a few hours before and if today was his day to go home could he please find him so Mikey would not go alone into the light? My dad then said "Sweetheart, I will run to find Mikey, I will need a fishing buddy"
I hung up the phone knowing that I would never speak to my dad again but felt a comfort in knowing this is what he wanted and he would not walk alone into the light.
My daddy went to find Mikey and make his journey into the light at 12:15 pm.
I like to think of my dad standing in a stream up to his knees making a fly dance on the water for a little boy to whom I have never met but will carry in my heart as long as I live.
I miss you dad, Until we meet again, watch over Mikeys mom as you have watched over me.
Mikeys mom,
Thank You for sharing him with us and for the comfort you have given me in your own time of need. God bless you and your family.


Sara said...

oh my I am crying now.. My Dad was very proud of Nathaniel too and watching him take his last breath is something that still haunts me, and it has been a year and a half now since we lost my Dad to Cancer.
Hugs to you!!! a beautiful post!!

Debra said...

Ok so I am crying big tears. So sweet and such a neat picture you have painted with your words.

Debra and Hope

Christina said...

Me too, big tears.
Your dad was/is an amazing man.

amy flege said...

oh man. here come the tears again!! that was so wonderful! mikey is truly lucky to be up there with your dad!

Kari said...

That is written so beautifully and touched my heart. Your Dad is a fabulous person.

G.S. Gus said...

Sweet heart, your dad was a lucky man to have a daughter who loved him so much. You are one amazing woman and I am proud to be counted as one of your friends.
Love You,

djmmom said...

I am so glad that Mikey had someone to help show him the way. I am sure that they are up there fishing, telling stories, and having a good time. What a wonderful man your father is! And I know that your family will carry his spirit on so that he will never be "gone". Thank you with all my heart.
Danielle Mikey's Mom