Saturday, May 19, 2007

Uncle Chase finally meets his nephew Kyson

Chase finally gets to hold and meet his nephew Kyson. He loved holding him and really liked it when Ky pulled faces, then Ky pasted gas on Chase and that really made him giggle. Boys will be boys.
But when Grandpa took the baby and held him Chase did not like that one bit!!! Chase kept telling the new Prince, me me me daddy! He even tried to climb in Dustys lap and push the baby a side. It was funny but Mr Chase will get over it soon. Chase does not care if I hold the baby or anyone else but NOT HIS DAD!!
It is kind of strange to think that Chase is an Uncle at the tender age of 2. Chase and our son Kenny are 23 years apart.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Jr. Prom..........

I don't think you can see her face good but she has her eyes crossed, funny funny girl!

This is Chels and her date! Poor guy was a wreck!

Chels in her dress!

Goofing around at the dance!

Chelsey and her prom date.

The dress Chelsey is wear is one I made for her. I started it the morning of the prom and finished it 45 mins before they left.
When she tried it on I cried. not because she was so beautiful in the dress I had just made in 8 hours but that it fit the first time. I guess all of the stress from this long week had finally got to me.
When asked what I wanted for Mothers day I simply said sleep, not to be needed, just to relax. I got just what I asked for. Dusty cooked all day, the girls cleaned, the boys brought me ice cold drinks and breakfast. I watched what I wanted to watch on TV and even watched the JAZZ game in peace without one kid wanting anything!!!! I had a wonderful Mothers Day!!!

We are finally Grandparents...........

Here he is,

Our first Grandbaby!!

Prince Kyson,

ruler of our world.

To a beautiful baby boy. His name is Kyson but we call him Ky for short. Ky was born on May the 10th at 4:00 am after 18 hours of labor. Which to me was for ever, my longest labor was 4 1/2 hours.I was ask to be with them though the whole thing. It was amazing to just sit back and watch my son couch his wife. He was wonderful at it too. I felt a great since of pride in the boy I raised to be a great man. It is always nice when others tell you that you have done a great job raising such a kind and loving young man. Baby and mom are both doing better. Ky had a little trouble with his breathing at first and he is a little jaundice so he is in lights at home. They both came home on Saturday afternoon and no one is more excited about it then Austin our 16 year old. He has been taking care of their house and their dog. It has been one exciting week and I am so glad it is over.I did not take Chase up to see the baby at the hospital. To many sick people for this little man but I am taking him over tonight with me to my sons house. I hope to have some picture of him then. Meanwhile here are some of the kids and Dusty.

Then we wait...........

The wait is over...........

Kyson Kenneth , 7 lbs 2 oz and 18 inches long.

Welcome to our family.............

Dusty the new Grandpa, Ky is already trying to tell Grandpa stories. Grandpa says Ky asked for a pony!

Uncle Cody

Aunt Courtney

Uncle Austin

Aunt Chelsey

Our sons a daddy...........

Kenny, Kacey and Kyson 2 days old.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Our oldest son is going to be a Daddy........

These pictures were taken today, tomorrow our little Grandson will be born. His name is going to be Kyson and I personally can not wait to see my oldest son hold his own son for the first time.