Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun in the Sun............


amy flege said...

yeah! iam so glad to see you blogging again!! chase is getting so big!!

Debra said...

Wow, nice to see you blogging again. Really miss the updates.

Hope loves that water stuff also. What kind of life vest does he have on. Been looking for one for Hope.

Debra and Hope

Sara said...

oh my gosh, he is adorable!!!! I love watching clips of your handsome boy :)

Anonymous said...

please, remember this pools had a recall on them check with wal-mart...and always cover it ....

have a great summer off to Spain with my 4 kids

Anonymous said...

MY SON HAS MANY ,MANY MEDICAL ISSUES SO To my son Jamie on his Twenty fifth birthday HE WROT A POEM.. HOPE YOU LIKE IT

As I stand here today and watch you with pride
My dear Son Jamie, I think of all those difficult
Times we’ve endured together in the last
Twenty five years
But let me say this son,
They pale, if compared to the joy
You’ve brought us with just one of your smiles

Yes dear Jamie, all of those difficult nights and days
Put together, are nothing, if compared to even one second
Of your laughter

Yes dear son, you’ve brought us incalculable joy,
The type that no money can ever hope to buy
The kind that has touched our hearts like nothing else

And thorough all those difficult years, you
Never once gave up on hope
Your smile was always there, reassuring
Us that tomorrow will be far better
And during those times, as we’d sit
By your side, you’ve taught us a
Lesson no school can, one of courage,
Determination and faith

You’ve taught us to be fearless
Just like you dear Jamie
You’ve taught us to smile
And make a joke at the most
Difficult times

Yes my son, you’ve taught all that
And so much more
You’ve taught us how to make
A doctor laugh even when he
Feels like crying

You taught us how to appreciate
Today, and pray for a better tomorrow
You’ve taught us to walk with pride
Count our blessings, and smile

Yes dear Jamie, you are our
School in humanity, and life
On this earth
And as you’ve walked through
Life yourself, you’ve taught so many
Others to love and appreciate
So many others to feel compassion
And never forget to count their blessings

So let me conclude my dear son,
On this twenty fifth birthday of yours,
By wishing you all a father could ever wish
A son, but above all, May God grant you good health
And one more thing my son,
Never lose that smile of yours,
Never lose that sense of humor

And never lose that gift to love others
And treat them all like brothers and sisters
So once again my dear son, be well,
For many years to come
And thank you, oh so much
For everything you’ve done for us

Forever yours