Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camping 2007

This slide show is our first camping trip this year. We went up on skyline drive in the High Unitas. It is or what feels like the top of the world.
This gives us a chance to be with our kids and have no TV ect. We played horse shoes, games, told stories of how it was when we were kids, went for walks. It was also a chance for Dusty and I to spend quite time together with no phones.
With the passing of yet another friend it really makes you step back and really ollk at what is inportant in this life, FAMILY......That is what life is really all about. The love you feel for a grown man playing a childs game just because. The love between 2 brothers as the older one teaches his little brother how to handle a gun safely. The joy of finding your first pile of dirt to play in and noone stops you from getting dirty. The way my small hand feels in my husbands very large hand. And the look of love in his deep brown eyes as he tells me " I Love You Baby " This is all I ever wanted for my life.....to be loved..... Thank You Dusty You make my dream come every day.......

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Laura Q said...

Beautiful pictures Rose, I'm glad you all had such a great family time - you are right, these are the things that really matter.