Sunday, August 05, 2007

What do you see..........

When you look at this picture what do you see?

A boy who can walk on water?

A girl who is swimming in her clothes and about to bean her brother in the head with a toy snake?

Or a man who never takes his shirt off, has the tummy of Austin Powers, a real live REDNECK taking his weekly bath?

You could be right on all accounts but it is a DAD PLAYING WITH HIS KIDS!! Crazy I know but some dads do this thing called playing around with THEIR KIDS!! I am making a big deal about this because it is something I have noticed as of late, at ball games, pools, parks, ect. There are very few dads that can find the time to play with their kids. Maybe there is a shortage of them or maybe they are hiding in the bushes watching other dads play and taking notes. The family who lives next door to me has a dad but in the 5 years I have lived here I have yet to see him come outside and play with his kids so they are always at my house. The dad goes to work and once a year he takes his kids to the ward party. That is sad. So when his son asked me what Dusty was doing I said "PLAYING" the little boy looked at me and said "And he doesn't care what the neighbors think " Makes you want get on a P.A. and say "attention all dad it is okay to come out and play with your child we won't laugh, well much" It is cool to chase your kids down the street with a hose and spray them. No one is looking, well maybe they are but they will have a smile on their face and say "boy he is a good dad, redneck but a good dad". The Lord love a man who will teach his children to be great dads.......

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Shannon said...

I feel so sad for the boy next door. I am so happy that your children get to experience life with a wonderful dad.