Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kenny and KaCey's Wedding.......

It is finally over!!
We are proud to say we have a new daughter in-law.
The wedding was just beautiful as you can see and everyone had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chase's School Assessment....

I have known the day would come when I would have to let my baby grow up.

On Monday I took Chase for his Per school assessment. They do all kinds of testing and give you a ton of forms to fill out while these educators take your baby and do testing. Tests are done in a room with other screaming kids who don't want to be there and 50 strangers watching.
I remember reading the booklet I was sent before I was to come to this appointment and it said "please do not bring other children with you as it may impair the testing".
When I walking into the room for the testing my first thought was "you have got to be kidding me, how in the hell is anyone going to test any child in this place".
It kinda reminded me of Chucky Cheese on a Saturday afternoon. (we went there once, never to return to the mouses house AGAIN) Dusty said he would just assume have his you know whats cut off with a dull knife then go back to that house of hell....
Anyway, this lady comes over to us and says "go sit down and someone will be with you in minute". And in fact a lady did come over and yelled "what is his name" and grabbed me by the hand and said "come with me", in a voice that sounded a lot like Vincent Price...
They put Chase in the chair and snapped the desk to get his attention as he was more interested in the kid crying at the table next to him. They quickly showed him 4 pictures of different animals and said "Chase where is the horse" He points outside and says "side" for outside. She then says "NO where is the horse"? Chase looks at her like she was on crack and says VERY loud "SIDE". They look at me and I said "Well, our horses are outside at our house"....That is pretty much how the whole thing went.
We were then asked to go play with the toys until they get done "scoring" him. So we did and then I hear Vincent Price say behind me "You forgot to fill out a page in your papers"
The papers she is referring to is this booklet that I found almost funny if I was not so pissed off that I had to spend 2 hours filling out. The age range on this assessment booklet was from 3-18.
I don't know about most kids but mine that are 18 and Chase are totally different in ALL ways. Some of the question were so out there for a 3 year old I started to put in the margins "HE IS 3" or "give me a break", or my fav was "Does your child do his/her own wash" I put "no, but he would, given half a chance".
For some reason they did not think I was at all funny in anyway shape or form. I figured if they were going to waste MY time then I was going to make it fun and interesting.
I did see them handing it around and a few people were laughing.
I know I should have looked at this in a much more adult way and just done it with out any bitching but it is bad enough to go there and have them think that in that kind of environment they could get any kind of an aquarite score if Einstein had been sitting there himself.
A half hour later they come over and announce that Chase qualifies for per school. Like I was going to be thrilled with this offering of information. What, was there any question on their part that he would not?
And then they said he has an IQ of 68, normal is the way they acted with their sad voices I think they thought I was going to be upset or cry.
I didn't, I simply said "that is great and is it alright if I have him retested when he is at an age where it is more aquarette". With shock in their eyes they said "YES you can".
I don't remember anything they said after that as I was watching my beautiful son, he was sharing toys with a little boy his age and loving it, then he took a toy over to a little girl who was crying and gave it to her so she would stop crying, then gave her a hug...the tears fell down my cheeks and I knew why these test meant so little to me, an IQ test will never measure the love this child has in his heart for his fellow man. He is like watching an angel at work, comforting those who are scared.
I would not change one thing about Chase, he loves so deep, deeper than anyone I have ever seen and I wish the rest of the world could slow down long enough to see the true beauty in his eyes that I do everyday.
Maybe that is why it has been so hard for me to let him go to school, I will simply miss his sweet face......

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't Blink....

My baby is getting married on Saturday! This is what he has waited for all of his life, to be a father and husband....I am so proud of Kenny and love him with all my heart.

Please help us in wishing them a life time of happiness, they both have earned it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kids at Lagoon 2007

This weekend was going to be our weekend away from the wedding planning. We only have 6 days until the big event. Dusty's company party was at a amusement park this weekend. We loaded the trailer and the kids up for fun in the sun. Yep, we are Red necks, we go 1 hour away from home and drag a trailer just so us old folks can rest our sore old bones while the kids run a hundred miles an hour from one end of the park to the other....
After 6 hours of the Park I was ready to go to bed and so was Chase. But we ran into some friends who have a daughter Chases age so we all headed to camp REDNECK, put out toys for the little ones and we relax....This is my way of camping, kids had fun, dad played with his redneck friends, kids rode everything at least 2 times, no one got sick and mom got to sit on her butt and do nothing the rest of the night.
This is a vacation..........

Oh and our 20 year old daughter called and said she was getting married too...The cycle of hell seems to never end.....At least this time her mom will be doing all of the planning.....I hope!

Stay tunes for BRIDEZILLA 2.....Coming soon to our blog.......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007