Friday, November 30, 2007

Cookies, Candy and Breads....

What would the Hoildays be with out them! Well here is a link to Mrs. Claus' Cook Book......

Now off to finish filling Christmas wish lists......

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Chase goes to School....

Yesterday was my youngest guys first day of pre-school !

I walk in with Chase and had noticed that the class room was so much cleaner than last year when I went to check out the class room. Maybe that is due to the fact that there is a new sherife in this class and she likes it clean. This was a big plus and all new aids, another plus as I was not going to send him if this one aid from last year was there. She was just flat MEAN and I could see me and her butting heads.

Chase being so small and the very smallest in his class has an aid who the teacher assigned the job of keeping a watchful eye on the boy who runs..

All in all I was happy with what I seen and I really think his SP. She will be working one on one with Chase on the 2 days he attends school.

It was a very long 2 1/2 hours for not only Chase but me too....I had no idea what to do with this free time on my hands so I came home and cleaned house in record time. Checked my phone every 10 mins to see if it was still working. Called a couple of friends and even talked to one good friend while I waited outside of Chases class room. I was pretty brave I think, I did not cry when my baby ran to play with the toys and did not cry when he waved to me as I was leaving and he said "good bye" in his sweetest voice. I did cry when I called Dusty and told him I took Chase to school after all....When I picked him up from School he smiled at me and ran to my arms gave me a big hug and signed "Chase all done". I was happy, he was happy, home we went!!!

This might all seem a little silly to you but Chase is MY baby, he is 3 years old! The last of 9 to go to school and frankly I am having emety nest syndrome.

For the first time in 26 years I don't have a little one at home with me.

I am sure in the mths to come I will enjoy my new found freedom and will put my spare time to good use but for today I am just happy to have him home to play with and snuggle while we watch PBS.....

Tuesday and Thurday Chase goes to school, I know it will be in his best interest that he goes and he needs to play with kids his own age.

I am still a mom who misses him with all of my soul for the 2 1/2 hours he is gone.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Haloween Fun....Trick or Treat

We LOVE Halloween! spooky costumes, treat's and scary movies.
I was hoping Chase would like the whole trick or treat thing more this year than the last but he didn't. After going to the Grandma's houses he was done. But Cody and Courtney had a ball. They came home with enough candy to supply a small army. We weighed Cody's bag or treats and it came out to be 14 lbs! He was pretty proud of himself.
Austin was to big to go this year so he went to his friends house (who is a girl) and watched movies and Chels went out with friends to a haunted house where she won a t-shirt for her knowledge of the 7 deadly sins. Chels also had a dance performance that day for school. They danced to Thriller..Wow did that take me back to my younger years.....

Cody is a dead football player. Chase was a cowboy and I loved how cute his little bum looked in his chaps, spurs and wranglers.

Cody, Courtney and Chase at Grandma Kay's house..
Chels ( the blond ) in her costume for her dance performance. Boy this girl can REALLY dance! I love to watch her dance even if it is just around the house. The girl has moves!