Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you see what I see,?

Chase can too! He got glasses today. We have a year to get him into wearing them full time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tirck or Treat 2008

I love trick or treat! The way the air smells in the fall. The colors of red and brown, just the whole feeling of fall.
This year brought back a lot of really fun memories for me and we had a house full of kids to share the excitement of the Holiday.
My niece and nephew with their little girls, Kenny, Kacey and my grand babies PLUS Cody and Chase made for a nice sized crowd of ghouls, princesses, cats, and even a horse. It was so much fun and reminded me of the big kids in our little group when they were young. We all would meet at my house and eat homemade chili, then off we would go with our herd of kids trick or treating until you thought your legs would drop off or freeze to death, then back to our house for hot chocolate. Thanks Melissa and Mike for sharing Halloween with us, we had a ball with your girls....
When my older kids were young I loved to make costume for them but kind of stopped a few years ago. I guess it was just fun to make girl things than boy things besides the boys like scary thing and the girls like fairy ect. at least in our house that is how it went.
Anyway, I went to the local Wally World and picked up Cody this gross looking costume he wanted and seen the cutest little skeleton costume for Chase. I thought wow they even have his size what a find! It fit tight so I thought this will be so dang cute as he is a skinny kid anyways, I get it home and guess what he does? He screams at the top of his lungs SCARY NO MOM SCARY! Then runs and hides. Being the I hate to return anything mom I am, I chase him down and wrestle him into the dang thing and it was as I thought sooooooooooo cute but he wanted nothing to do with this cute 12.00 costume. I get it off of him put it in the bag so I can return it the next day for something he would wear without have him scream the whole time. This is the day before our party at church which was a trick or trunk which he would need a costume of some kind for....
Next day at Wally World! We get our money back and I bring Chase with us (Us being Chels and I, I needed reinforcement's) We head to the costumes and as we turn down the aisle Chase screams again so loud that everyone in the whole store stops and looks at us. That was a no go, I had Chels go down there while Chase and I waited in another aisle without anything scary in it. Nothing he liked NOTHING!! Then I spot these hoodies brown ones, the ideas come flowing in. I think to myself horse he can be a horse with a little yarn and some felt ears he can be a horse. Chels high 5's me and off to find pants to match...45 mins in line and a fruit roll up later we are in the car. 1 hour of sewing and cutting yarn and poof the magic mom transforms a sweat hoodie into a beautiful stallion and the scary boy was pleased!
All I can say is THANKS to MY MOM for teaching me how to sew something out of nothing and making it work.........

Trick or Treat

Friday, November 07, 2008

First Day of Per school

Grandpa with are sweet girl Kinsley....She just loves her Grandpa but then that is easy to do...

Chase is on his way back to School....Thank the Lord! I love having him at home with me but he needs to be with kids his age too and he LOVES it! I guess old mom gets boring after so long plus the other kids go to School and he wants to do what ever they do...

Grandkids and Cody

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am sorry to those who I have not updated but I have just simply been to tired to do much after the testing....
It has been a little over a week and I think I am starting to feel a little more like myself. It was how ever a long week with additional hospital visits to check for blood clots too. That ended up being a really bad pinched nerve and then I got the flu from Cody. Needless to say Dusty took more time off then was planned (the whole week off) so now he is trying to get all of his work caught up. He has been working long hours. But good news is everything with my heart checked out good. Now it is believed that it is reflux and a Hyetial Hernia(spelling?). Which I am controlling with Meds. So far so good...
That is it for now and thank you to those who have called or emailed me, I am good just tired....

I will try and post updates and pictures of Chases 4th birthday soon keep checking Danielle they will be on here soon!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


That is where I am heading for on Friday Morning at the butt crack of dawn! I have been having some trouble with my heart for the last few mths and have been having some test run to find out what it is that is causing me to be in pain from time to time. I have failed 2 test as far so that is why I am having Angioplasty done on Friday.....And that is where I have been, to tired to breath that is why I have not done any up dates but I do have some great pix to share but it will have to wait until morning now as I need to get Chase from School....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here she is just after she was born....

Kinsley Boo AKA Kenny.....


Kenny our oldest son and his wife Kacey had their baby Sat. morning at 12:30 am.
Her name is Kinsley Boo BUT Dusty and I call her Kenny....
She was 6 lbs 3 oz and 18 1/2 inches long!!
She had a rough start but is doing good now and went home to met her big brother on Monday...
She is a beauty with Strawberry blond hair, long fingers, long legs and looks like Kenny.

I will post pictures when I get out to see her this week.

We where out of town when she was born and only got to see her for a few minutes in the NICU....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tribal Tattoo...

Dusty has always thought he would like to get a tattoo but could never come up with something he felt he wanted to wear for the rest of his life.
He came up with this after he had a dream. In his dream this is what he had on his arm . It is a full arm band with a bear claw in the middle. It has very speaial mean to him and to his family which he protects.

Dusty's Great Grandma was full blooded Paiute. This is to honor his heritage and his Great Grandma......

And just a foot note, it hurt like hell!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fathers Day!

Dusty love nothing more than to be able to hand down to his sons the tools of his trade.
The day before Fathers day our 17 year old son bought his first truck. He was so proud of his new toy and wanted to know everything there was to maintain the new love in his life. Dusty and Austin went to the auto parts store and got all of the things to service the boys new truck. With the gentle guidance and a helping hand Dusty explained all of the things his boy should know to keep everything in good working order.
This picture I am sure is one of many you might see of a father and son but the difference in this one is that Dusty is the step dad. Austins dad pasted away when he was 9 years old. Dusty has been a dad to this now young man with pride and love. Fathers Day is a day when dad gets to do what dad wants to do. In our home Dusty did what Dusty wanted to do, shared his skill and time with his son. I could not have asked for a better dad for all of my children than the man on his knees making memories with our son and his first truck.
All of our sons will be better men because of the time and love Dusty has put into each of them teaching them about life and what is inportant in it. In Dustys words " I work to live not live to work, family is always first". Good words to live by...............

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another dare devil is born!

That is my Chelsey!!! Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet!!
She was so excited to do this, she went with a guy friend. He was chicken to do it by himself so she said she would go with him. Now guess what Chelsey wants to do every weekend!
Mother like daughter. I remember how much fun it was when I did my first jump a 100 years ago! She loved it!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I just love summer!!!

I have not had time to do much posting anywhere! Summer always is a very busy time in our home.
Homework is replaced with yard work, rides to school are replaced with rides to work, and planning camping trips around work with Austin. ( He is a camping fool ) Then I have just all of the other fun things that come with all of the kids home, MORE HOUSE WORK!!! But as of late we have been on a hunt for Austin a little truck, he is 17 now has a job and wants a truck so bad. Dusty has taken him from one end of the county to the other looking at trucks for the last 3 weeks. I know that doesn't sound like a long time but to Austin it has been a life time. Dusty just wants him to have something that will run well for a long time but also haul his 4 wheeler too. So Dusty crawls under and inside every truck to check to make sure it is sound and not a dummy up truck with additives to make it sound good for a few miles down the road. I the truck they look at tonight is clean and meets Dustys approval. I am tired of looking for them and driving Austin to work.

Wish them luck on the truck hunt, THEY need it!

Chase update:

He went to the eye Doctor last Monday, both him and Cody did as Cody flunked the School eye test. I thought well I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and just get them both done. Long story short. Chase will be getting glasses in about 9 mths as he has Lazy eye just like Austin but not quite as bad. We are waiting 9 mths to get Chase use to the idea of wearing glasses first. That means tons of sun glasses and sunglasses with no glass in them. It might sound a little odd but Chase will not keep anything on his face and glasses are pricey so we want him to do well with them from the start. We do have a little time to play with our Eye Doctor said but no more than 9 mths.
Now Cody:
We took him to have his eyes checked, he has been telling us that he can't see. I guess I never knew how much he wanted glass until he was told he had perfect eyes. He cried and said that she made a mistake to check them again. She humored him and checked again they are perfect. Cody wanted glasses like dad and everyone else in our family. I felt so bad. We came up with a good idea and took him to the dollar store where we got Chases sun glasses then let Cody pick out 5 pairs of very cool sunglasses. He was happy about that and we told him he should wear them all of the time out side so he did not hurt his eyes by the sun. ALL is well now!

More updates later, right now I am going to tan, the only thing I do for myself once a week!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Prom Pictures....2008

Chelsey does not have her formal pictures back yet! But I will post them when she gets them plus she has 2 more proms to attend at other schools in the next 2 weeks.....Austin says 1 is enough stress for him a year! What a guy!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Prom and testing....

First I got a all clear for 6 mths. The report say no sign of cancer at this time but repeat testing in 6 mths to confirm results. That is good enough for me!


Austin: His date was just beautiful. Her name is Tess and is a tiny little thing 5 feet maybe. Her Grandmother made her prom dress. It was black with a big pink bow in the back. Austin was so excited to take Tess that when he picked up his Tux he did not notice that they had for got to put the shirt in. At 4;30 pm, 30 mins before they need to be at the school for pictures Austin is running back to the store to get a shirt!
He picked up the shirt and all went well with the rest of the night!

Chelsey: Her date was with Tony. He has been friends with her since 5th grade. He had his tux picked out before Chelsey even went shopping for her dress. And as you can see they are very cute together! BUT.......................there is a very funny story that goes with Chelsey prom:

Chelsey spent a lot of time trying to fine the perfect dress to go with the 1920's look they had planned. With all that has been going on in my life I gave her the money to go buy a dress so I would need to make hers this time. Chels and her friends all go shopping. She fines the perfect dress after days of looking. She calls me mom I FOUND IT! I think Thank You God!! And you are going to be so proud of me. I told her 250.00 for a dress, well she found her 350.00 on sale for 117.00. The same dress I had told her no on for sweethearts dance. She was so excited.
All goes well she dresses and date comes with the other couples in their "group". They go to dinner, have pictures taken, then off to Salt Lake City to the prom.
As they pull up to the doors of the hotel where the dance is taking place at everyone gets out of the SUV they are in so the valet can park it. Chelsey get out and one of the guys steps on the little train on her dress and the ZIPPER SPLITS all the way up the back. Now this might sound odd but in the passed I have sewn up almost all of her and her friends dresses with fishing line before they leave just so this would not happen. Chelsey was in to big of a hurry so I did not get this one done this time.
She said everyone at the hotel and the valet EVERYONE in her group ALL seen her. This zipper was one that ran from the base of your neck to the start of the train. YEP her TINY HINY was hanging out. Tony hurried took his coat off and helped her put it on. OFF to the ladies room her and 3 girls she had never met before try to fix the zipper. After 15 mins she said just find some safety pins. Out of the bathroom they all came Chelsey with a big smile on her face and sporting her dates very long tux jacket.
She never cried on tear and as a matter of fact all of the kids in her group told her date Tony that she was so awesome. Chelsey never sat 1 date out and they laughed and had a great time.

After the dance they went for ice cream before coming home and one of the guys said " Does anyone feel a draft in here?" Chelsey in a small voice said "I DO" She said everyone laughed until they all were crying.......It will be her Senior Prom to remember!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Needle Bio and all other questions and advise....

First of all AGAIN I have shared something personal and someone has decided to comment on it in a nasty way. Who ever you are which I think I know who it is PLEASE just stay off of my blog if you have nothing nice to say. There are a few people I really can not stand and I don't go to their blog or post nasty comments. This blog is for my friends and family to read not someone trying to get off on being a backbiting bitch!!! This is the new me TELL IT HOW IT IS!!!

I am no fool I have explored all avenues of this subject. I have choose not to share EVERYTHING I am having done or what is being done for me but for those who THINK they know me. THIS IS NOT MY FIRST BATTLE WITH BREAST CANCER!!! I do know what I am doing and are looking into other options that I am not willing to share at this time as they are private and between Dusty and I! Needle Bio will not be in the plan, it is for other reasons I am not having it done. From now on I will not be sharing what is going on with this, it was just meant to let friends know what was going on with out having to make a ton of phone calls but I can see some people who don't like to leave their names want to take something personal and turn it into a way for them to get there ROCKS OFF by being assholes! Thanks to who ever you are I loved the way you put me down, it must make you feel big to kick someone when they are down.....Here is a middle finger back at you babe!!!!!

To those who really have been a support THANK YOU!!!! and know I love you all!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Breast Cancer..........

Those words just scare the shit out of me! I have had 2 friends past away from it in my home town this last year. So when I found yet another lump in my own breast I went to the doctor....

For those who did not know please don't feel you have been left in the dark...I choose not to tell anyone.....

Today was the big day! After 2 weeks of waiting to get in to have a Diagnostic Mammogram done it was nice to wake up this morning and know I would finally have some answers.

This is why I have not been on line for a while or updated my blog. I just did not know what to say or how to say those words.....Breast Cancer.....No matter how you look at it my life was about to change forever!

Today when they did the diagnostic mammogram. They came in and said they would like a "better look". The only thing I could think of when the blood ran out of Dusty's face was " Oh dear God here we go". After a 45 min "look" everyone left me and Dusty in that little cold room with nothing to do but think and hold each other. Then finally the news. We don't "think" it is cancer but we want to keep a close eye on you so we need to do all of these test again in 6 mths.
I know this is how it started out with my friend and co worker who past away this last fall. But I am going to think of this as I am safe for 6 mths.
I have always known I had a potential problem as I had my first Lump removed when I was 19. I really never thought to much about it when I was younger but now that I have children That has changed.
I seem to over think everything and what everything to fall into place as is should.
The possibility of not being there to making my daughters wedding dresses, and planning their weddings with them, watching them have there first child, watching all of my grandchildren grow, my sons turn into grow men and married the woman they love then be the same loving husband to them as Dusty is to me. Chase, missing everything about him and him not even getting to know know who momma really is has been more than I could deal with. Free for 6 more mths has taken a whole new meaning.
I will over look all of the little things in life and just simply enjoy mine.
Run away with this perfect husband I have when ever we can,
enjoy every small detail of my children's life and dreams.
Just write the check and smile when I see my daughters in their prom dresses and hold those moments in my heart.
Hold Cody and Chase just that much longer to remember the sweetness of youth.
Remind my boys the key to happiness in life is marry a girl who is your best friend, one you can talk to about anything with out fear.
And to tell Dusty just how much his love means to me.........and to thank him for the last weekend at the hotel in town just to be alone and the dinner I did not have to cook.
Dusty you are what makes me strong, I Love You!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.......

that is what little girls are made of .......

Kenny and Kacey are having a girl!! She is due July 24th........

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A boy and his dog.......

For Christmas Dusty got me a puppy, a mini wiener dog. His name is Sparky or as the kids started calling him "Sparky with the broken paw". He has never had a broken paw but that is what they call him. I on the other hand call him "Damn it Sparky" as that is all I seem to say when referring to this now not so puppyish dog.
He has eating shoes, steals things and hides them under the couch, cries like a baby if he can't see me and thinks Dusty's side of the bed is his. (we are breaking him to sleep on the floor with his blanket).
Before the surprise of our youngest Chase, Dusty and I where done having kids having become parent of 8 children we felt our family of Yours, Mine and Ours was more than complete.....But Chase had other plans and no matter what the Doctor in the past had said nothing was going to stop him from coming here to be with our family. After Chase was born we made SURE we were done this time.....I was after all 40....

Now however I have this dog that is by far worse than any spoiled brat child I have ever seen. He has been on my last nerve for a few weeks now with the 2 year old type messes he can and do make.
Then I see him with Chase......

When Chase wakes up the dog greets him with a million kisses and his tail is going so fast that his butt can't keep up.
The minute I walk in the door from school with Chase the dog goes nuts.
He allows Chase to do just about anything to him without so much as a nip. He just licks the boys face off.
Chase drags the poor dog everywhere, lays on him puts him on the laundry basket and pushes him threw the house. Sparky ever rides in Chases dump truck with a look in his eyes like "Dear God not again". He even allows Chase to put doll hats on him and looks at Chase as to say "This is what I am here for" but the other night I had no idea how close they really are and how much this dog cares for HIS boy.....

Chase was playing outside with the older kids and Sparky while I was washing dinner dishes. Dusty was out of town and when he is gone Sparky is edgy about strangers coming to the house. He is fine when Dusty is home.
A man from our Church stops in to check in on us. He got out of his car and Sparky runs right over and sits on Chases feet and watches the man go to the door. He barks a few times but nothing more than that. The friend goes to leave our front door and bends down to pick Chase up and the Sparky attack dog goes NUTS and gets ahold of his pants and drags him until he puts Chase down the chases after him until he gets in his car. Then Sparky ran back to Chase licked his face and did not leave his side until the man left...
I felt so bad that I called his wife and told her how sorry I was. But in the back of my mind I was thinking, No one will ever get to far with Chase as long as Sparky is around.....Sparky will now be on a leash even in the yard from now on at least until the big gate for our yard go in next week.
Sparky also lets the kids know if Chase is doing things outside he should not be doing.......

I guess we will keep Poor Sparky with the broken paw....

Okay I do love the fact he loves me so much too....

Monday, March 03, 2008

It is great to be 8....

Darren and Cody before the Baptism...
A few of our kids before Church...And Cody in his Sunday best, He looks so grown up...
It is great to be 8 ! Cody could not wait to be 8 years old. He would finally get to go to Scouts and he would get Baptized as a member of our Church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost...

We asked Cody who he would like to Baptize him and perform the Conformation? He spoke right up and to our surprise it was not a family member but the 2nd Counselor. Darren.

This man is an amazing man. He is a wonderful person and a friend to all, he never looks down his nose at anyone and he has the funnest sense of humor so Dusty and I could see why Cody would want him to preform these rights for him.
Not only that but Darren lets Cody come to all of the young men activities with our older boys even if Cody is not old enough to go...I think Darren just likes Cody to be on his team when they have gaming parties...

Anyway, My mom did the opening prayer and I did a talk on Baptism. Which to mine and everyone surprise went quite well. I did not cry or talk to fast. I just felt very at peace with myself. I felt as if my dad who pasted away was standing by my side giving me strength. It was always the plan to have Cody Baptized by my father but my dad past ways last February.

All in All the weekend went as planned and Cody has now joined the rest of his family in becoming full members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...

Yes, it is great to be 8!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whats been happening?!

Update I guess would be in order....

As some of you know we have had phenomia at our house. Me, Chase & Courtney. The kids are finally over it but I seem to be hanging on to it...Anyway, here is what has been going on...

Chase had his first Valentine class party! It was so cute and he liked the cards much better then the candy.

Chelsey and Austin both went to the Sweethearts dance at the high school. Chelsey and her friends decided to go dressed in 80's outfits. It was very cute and reminded me of my younger years. The 80's was so fun.

Then she had another date the next weekend with a boy at a different School for their sweethearts dance. I have not got the pictures from that one but she said it was a ball...

Austin took a girl from school and I have to say he is one handsome boy when he gets all cleaned up. He is so like Dusty and was trying to sneak out of the house with a ball cap on. Chelsey chased him down and took it. I don't know why it is such a big deal to go a couple of hours with out a hat on?! They both had a great time and Austin even danced with Chelsey. She was very surprised at her little brothers groovy moves.

Cody is getting baptized this Sat. as a member of our church. I am giving a talk and have yet to finish it. I have the outline (I have done this talk before) but just need to add the final touch. We are coming back to our house for cake after.

Dusty is leaving for Atlanta on Sunday morning for a week. He has some class he is going to. He told me what it was ( Drill Tech) but like I know what that means.

Courtney is getting ready for her big b-day trip. One of her friends is having a b-day party but the twist is that it is in Malibu, Cal. Courtney was very surprised to find out the new girl in school she befriended when the other girls would not has a dad who is very wealthy. You can never judge a book by it's cover! Anyway she is a very sweet girl. Her dad has a jet and will be flying in to pick up all of the girls, they are going to be staying at his beach house for 3 days. They have 4 moms going and my brother lives in Long Beach so she should be fine. I don't know why I worry so much when my kids go somewhere but I do.

The girls and I had a wonderful Valentines, We all got flowers. Courtney got flowers from a mystery person. They were delivered to her School! Dusty did not like that one bit but what can you do, they grow up!

That is it for now.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Chelsey!!

Miss. Chelsey enter this world on Feb. 12, 1990 at 10:27 pm. I became the mom to a beautiful baby girl who has now become an amazing woman I am proud to call my daughter and best friend. Soon she will go off to College, get married and one day have children of her own. I knew this day would come but it seems like yesterday I was walking her into the school for her first day of Kindergarten. I don't know who was crying harder her or me.
I do at times miss my baby Beans but love the way our relationship has grown from child and mom to Moms close friend. She is not just a pretty face but a woman with a good head on her shoulders that is not only smart but moral, a friend to all, never judges, and can see others pain and tries to make things right. I am so proud that she has been a good example for her younger sibling. Chels, I love you! Happy Birthday!

Now for a funny story:
For Chelsey's birthday I decided to take her and my mom out to breakfast after I dropped off all the kids at school. Chelsey and I picked my mom up and we went to IHOP.
Chelsey decided to ask my mom if she would let her make a profile on a online dating service.

My mom has been single for about 20 years and does not date. She just retired from Kmart this fall and worked there for 35 years. She has a dog named Teddy who is her constant companion. My mom is a religious woman who is still sealed to my dad who pasted away a year ago. Even though they we not married at the time of his death my mom and dad remained very close.

My mom tells Chels "No, what do I need a man for? I have had all the men I ever wanted in my life" This teasing goes back and forth between them until the food arrives and the subject is dropped. After we ate our food and the whole place sang Happy Birthday to Chels we went to Ross to find Chelsey a dress for yet another Sweethearts dance she will be attending at a different school this weekend. Plus she had 3 dates with different young men later that day so this was the only time she had to find a dress.
As we were walking in to the store my mom out of the blue says to Chelsey " Chels, I don't want a man b/c all he will want to do is have sex with me and want me to take care of him" We both just looked at her like what the h**l?! She just walked away to look at a dress for herself with out another word....I thought poor Chelsey was going to die laughing. She looked at me and said mom that's is why I love my grandma.....
3 generations of silly woman at Ross laughing and giggling until they were all in tears. What a wonderful day of fun memories!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday.....

The Outlaw.....Smiley Chase.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My new blog!

It is called Redneck Funny Farm so you can imaging it all about life with Dusty and the kids...I want a place to do nothing but have fun and share some very funny stories...The link to it is if you want to bookmark it. It is a work in progress.
Grab a RC Cola, Moon pie and you can watch the bug zapper with our Redneck Family and maybe even giggle....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Down Syndrome is NOT a disease!!!!!

This is Courtney's report on Down syndrome for her health class...
This whole subject has been a very difficult one as Courtney is learning how to Advocate for her little brother and others with Down syndrome...
Courtney's 7th grade health class has been studying different diseases. Down syndrome was brought up as one of the diseases they would be talking about and was added to a list for the class to do a report in front of the whole class on..Down syndrome was listed among other diseases like MS, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Asthma ect.....When Courtney said to this "teacher" that Down syndrome was not a disease she just ignored my daughter. Courtney decided if she was going to be heard she would just put her name on the list next to Down syndrome...As you can emgine I was PISSED at what this "teacher" was teaching ALL of this young adults in her class..I decided to not jump the gun and just let Courtney present her report and go from there.
Courtney had a girlfriend record her as she gave the report..One thing that you don't see is that when Courtney walked up to the white board she changed the word disease to defect...Listen very close to the end what the "teacher" says to the class after Courtney tells them there is no way to prevent Down syndrome, the teacher says " the best way to avoid having a child with Down syndrome is to have them while you are young!"
NOW I am taking the gloves off and WILL be visiting the school and educating this "teacher" the facts my way!
It just amazes me at how people can still live in the dark ages!

I am very proud of my 13 year old daughter for advocating for those she loves so deeply!

I took the video off of here b/c some people are upset that my daughter was nervous and they feel she did not do a good job...and said so in not so nice of words...I have no idea why people missed the whole point...maybe I should just shut the hell up!

The point is that there are teachers still teaching crap like this to our children...