Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whats been happening?!

Update I guess would be in order....

As some of you know we have had phenomia at our house. Me, Chase & Courtney. The kids are finally over it but I seem to be hanging on to it...Anyway, here is what has been going on...

Chase had his first Valentine class party! It was so cute and he liked the cards much better then the candy.

Chelsey and Austin both went to the Sweethearts dance at the high school. Chelsey and her friends decided to go dressed in 80's outfits. It was very cute and reminded me of my younger years. The 80's was so fun.

Then she had another date the next weekend with a boy at a different School for their sweethearts dance. I have not got the pictures from that one but she said it was a ball...

Austin took a girl from school and I have to say he is one handsome boy when he gets all cleaned up. He is so like Dusty and was trying to sneak out of the house with a ball cap on. Chelsey chased him down and took it. I don't know why it is such a big deal to go a couple of hours with out a hat on?! They both had a great time and Austin even danced with Chelsey. She was very surprised at her little brothers groovy moves.

Cody is getting baptized this Sat. as a member of our church. I am giving a talk and have yet to finish it. I have the outline (I have done this talk before) but just need to add the final touch. We are coming back to our house for cake after.

Dusty is leaving for Atlanta on Sunday morning for a week. He has some class he is going to. He told me what it was ( Drill Tech) but like I know what that means.

Courtney is getting ready for her big b-day trip. One of her friends is having a b-day party but the twist is that it is in Malibu, Cal. Courtney was very surprised to find out the new girl in school she befriended when the other girls would not has a dad who is very wealthy. You can never judge a book by it's cover! Anyway she is a very sweet girl. Her dad has a jet and will be flying in to pick up all of the girls, they are going to be staying at his beach house for 3 days. They have 4 moms going and my brother lives in Long Beach so she should be fine. I don't know why I worry so much when my kids go somewhere but I do.

The girls and I had a wonderful Valentines, We all got flowers. Courtney got flowers from a mystery person. They were delivered to her School! Dusty did not like that one bit but what can you do, they grow up!

That is it for now.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Chelsey!!

Miss. Chelsey enter this world on Feb. 12, 1990 at 10:27 pm. I became the mom to a beautiful baby girl who has now become an amazing woman I am proud to call my daughter and best friend. Soon she will go off to College, get married and one day have children of her own. I knew this day would come but it seems like yesterday I was walking her into the school for her first day of Kindergarten. I don't know who was crying harder her or me.
I do at times miss my baby Beans but love the way our relationship has grown from child and mom to Moms close friend. She is not just a pretty face but a woman with a good head on her shoulders that is not only smart but moral, a friend to all, never judges, and can see others pain and tries to make things right. I am so proud that she has been a good example for her younger sibling. Chels, I love you! Happy Birthday!

Now for a funny story:
For Chelsey's birthday I decided to take her and my mom out to breakfast after I dropped off all the kids at school. Chelsey and I picked my mom up and we went to IHOP.
Chelsey decided to ask my mom if she would let her make a profile on a online dating service.

My mom has been single for about 20 years and does not date. She just retired from Kmart this fall and worked there for 35 years. She has a dog named Teddy who is her constant companion. My mom is a religious woman who is still sealed to my dad who pasted away a year ago. Even though they we not married at the time of his death my mom and dad remained very close.

My mom tells Chels "No, what do I need a man for? I have had all the men I ever wanted in my life" This teasing goes back and forth between them until the food arrives and the subject is dropped. After we ate our food and the whole place sang Happy Birthday to Chels we went to Ross to find Chelsey a dress for yet another Sweethearts dance she will be attending at a different school this weekend. Plus she had 3 dates with different young men later that day so this was the only time she had to find a dress.
As we were walking in to the store my mom out of the blue says to Chelsey " Chels, I don't want a man b/c all he will want to do is have sex with me and want me to take care of him" We both just looked at her like what the h**l?! She just walked away to look at a dress for herself with out another word....I thought poor Chelsey was going to die laughing. She looked at me and said mom that's is why I love my grandma.....
3 generations of silly woman at Ross laughing and giggling until they were all in tears. What a wonderful day of fun memories!