Friday, May 09, 2008

Prom Pictures....2008

Chelsey does not have her formal pictures back yet! But I will post them when she gets them plus she has 2 more proms to attend at other schools in the next 2 weeks.....Austin says 1 is enough stress for him a year! What a guy!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Prom and testing....

First I got a all clear for 6 mths. The report say no sign of cancer at this time but repeat testing in 6 mths to confirm results. That is good enough for me!


Austin: His date was just beautiful. Her name is Tess and is a tiny little thing 5 feet maybe. Her Grandmother made her prom dress. It was black with a big pink bow in the back. Austin was so excited to take Tess that when he picked up his Tux he did not notice that they had for got to put the shirt in. At 4;30 pm, 30 mins before they need to be at the school for pictures Austin is running back to the store to get a shirt!
He picked up the shirt and all went well with the rest of the night!

Chelsey: Her date was with Tony. He has been friends with her since 5th grade. He had his tux picked out before Chelsey even went shopping for her dress. And as you can see they are very cute together! BUT.......................there is a very funny story that goes with Chelsey prom:

Chelsey spent a lot of time trying to fine the perfect dress to go with the 1920's look they had planned. With all that has been going on in my life I gave her the money to go buy a dress so I would need to make hers this time. Chels and her friends all go shopping. She fines the perfect dress after days of looking. She calls me mom I FOUND IT! I think Thank You God!! And you are going to be so proud of me. I told her 250.00 for a dress, well she found her 350.00 on sale for 117.00. The same dress I had told her no on for sweethearts dance. She was so excited.
All goes well she dresses and date comes with the other couples in their "group". They go to dinner, have pictures taken, then off to Salt Lake City to the prom.
As they pull up to the doors of the hotel where the dance is taking place at everyone gets out of the SUV they are in so the valet can park it. Chelsey get out and one of the guys steps on the little train on her dress and the ZIPPER SPLITS all the way up the back. Now this might sound odd but in the passed I have sewn up almost all of her and her friends dresses with fishing line before they leave just so this would not happen. Chelsey was in to big of a hurry so I did not get this one done this time.
She said everyone at the hotel and the valet EVERYONE in her group ALL seen her. This zipper was one that ran from the base of your neck to the start of the train. YEP her TINY HINY was hanging out. Tony hurried took his coat off and helped her put it on. OFF to the ladies room her and 3 girls she had never met before try to fix the zipper. After 15 mins she said just find some safety pins. Out of the bathroom they all came Chelsey with a big smile on her face and sporting her dates very long tux jacket.
She never cried on tear and as a matter of fact all of the kids in her group told her date Tony that she was so awesome. Chelsey never sat 1 date out and they laughed and had a great time.

After the dance they went for ice cream before coming home and one of the guys said " Does anyone feel a draft in here?" Chelsey in a small voice said "I DO" She said everyone laughed until they all were crying.......It will be her Senior Prom to remember!