Monday, June 23, 2008

Another dare devil is born!

That is my Chelsey!!! Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet!!
She was so excited to do this, she went with a guy friend. He was chicken to do it by himself so she said she would go with him. Now guess what Chelsey wants to do every weekend!
Mother like daughter. I remember how much fun it was when I did my first jump a 100 years ago! She loved it!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I just love summer!!!

I have not had time to do much posting anywhere! Summer always is a very busy time in our home.
Homework is replaced with yard work, rides to school are replaced with rides to work, and planning camping trips around work with Austin. ( He is a camping fool ) Then I have just all of the other fun things that come with all of the kids home, MORE HOUSE WORK!!! But as of late we have been on a hunt for Austin a little truck, he is 17 now has a job and wants a truck so bad. Dusty has taken him from one end of the county to the other looking at trucks for the last 3 weeks. I know that doesn't sound like a long time but to Austin it has been a life time. Dusty just wants him to have something that will run well for a long time but also haul his 4 wheeler too. So Dusty crawls under and inside every truck to check to make sure it is sound and not a dummy up truck with additives to make it sound good for a few miles down the road. I the truck they look at tonight is clean and meets Dustys approval. I am tired of looking for them and driving Austin to work.

Wish them luck on the truck hunt, THEY need it!

Chase update:

He went to the eye Doctor last Monday, both him and Cody did as Cody flunked the School eye test. I thought well I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and just get them both done. Long story short. Chase will be getting glasses in about 9 mths as he has Lazy eye just like Austin but not quite as bad. We are waiting 9 mths to get Chase use to the idea of wearing glasses first. That means tons of sun glasses and sunglasses with no glass in them. It might sound a little odd but Chase will not keep anything on his face and glasses are pricey so we want him to do well with them from the start. We do have a little time to play with our Eye Doctor said but no more than 9 mths.
Now Cody:
We took him to have his eyes checked, he has been telling us that he can't see. I guess I never knew how much he wanted glass until he was told he had perfect eyes. He cried and said that she made a mistake to check them again. She humored him and checked again they are perfect. Cody wanted glasses like dad and everyone else in our family. I felt so bad. We came up with a good idea and took him to the dollar store where we got Chases sun glasses then let Cody pick out 5 pairs of very cool sunglasses. He was happy about that and we told him he should wear them all of the time out side so he did not hurt his eyes by the sun. ALL is well now!

More updates later, right now I am going to tan, the only thing I do for myself once a week!