Friday, July 18, 2008

Tribal Tattoo...

Dusty has always thought he would like to get a tattoo but could never come up with something he felt he wanted to wear for the rest of his life.
He came up with this after he had a dream. In his dream this is what he had on his arm . It is a full arm band with a bear claw in the middle. It has very speaial mean to him and to his family which he protects.

Dusty's Great Grandma was full blooded Paiute. This is to honor his heritage and his Great Grandma......

And just a foot note, it hurt like hell!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fathers Day!

Dusty love nothing more than to be able to hand down to his sons the tools of his trade.
The day before Fathers day our 17 year old son bought his first truck. He was so proud of his new toy and wanted to know everything there was to maintain the new love in his life. Dusty and Austin went to the auto parts store and got all of the things to service the boys new truck. With the gentle guidance and a helping hand Dusty explained all of the things his boy should know to keep everything in good working order.
This picture I am sure is one of many you might see of a father and son but the difference in this one is that Dusty is the step dad. Austins dad pasted away when he was 9 years old. Dusty has been a dad to this now young man with pride and love. Fathers Day is a day when dad gets to do what dad wants to do. In our home Dusty did what Dusty wanted to do, shared his skill and time with his son. I could not have asked for a better dad for all of my children than the man on his knees making memories with our son and his first truck.
All of our sons will be better men because of the time and love Dusty has put into each of them teaching them about life and what is inportant in it. In Dustys words " I work to live not live to work, family is always first". Good words to live by...............