Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you see what I see,?

Chase can too! He got glasses today. We have a year to get him into wearing them full time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tirck or Treat 2008

I love trick or treat! The way the air smells in the fall. The colors of red and brown, just the whole feeling of fall.
This year brought back a lot of really fun memories for me and we had a house full of kids to share the excitement of the Holiday.
My niece and nephew with their little girls, Kenny, Kacey and my grand babies PLUS Cody and Chase made for a nice sized crowd of ghouls, princesses, cats, and even a horse. It was so much fun and reminded me of the big kids in our little group when they were young. We all would meet at my house and eat homemade chili, then off we would go with our herd of kids trick or treating until you thought your legs would drop off or freeze to death, then back to our house for hot chocolate. Thanks Melissa and Mike for sharing Halloween with us, we had a ball with your girls....
When my older kids were young I loved to make costume for them but kind of stopped a few years ago. I guess it was just fun to make girl things than boy things besides the boys like scary thing and the girls like fairy ect. at least in our house that is how it went.
Anyway, I went to the local Wally World and picked up Cody this gross looking costume he wanted and seen the cutest little skeleton costume for Chase. I thought wow they even have his size what a find! It fit tight so I thought this will be so dang cute as he is a skinny kid anyways, I get it home and guess what he does? He screams at the top of his lungs SCARY NO MOM SCARY! Then runs and hides. Being the I hate to return anything mom I am, I chase him down and wrestle him into the dang thing and it was as I thought sooooooooooo cute but he wanted nothing to do with this cute 12.00 costume. I get it off of him put it in the bag so I can return it the next day for something he would wear without have him scream the whole time. This is the day before our party at church which was a trick or trunk which he would need a costume of some kind for....
Next day at Wally World! We get our money back and I bring Chase with us (Us being Chels and I, I needed reinforcement's) We head to the costumes and as we turn down the aisle Chase screams again so loud that everyone in the whole store stops and looks at us. That was a no go, I had Chels go down there while Chase and I waited in another aisle without anything scary in it. Nothing he liked NOTHING!! Then I spot these hoodies brown ones, the ideas come flowing in. I think to myself horse he can be a horse with a little yarn and some felt ears he can be a horse. Chels high 5's me and off to find pants to match...45 mins in line and a fruit roll up later we are in the car. 1 hour of sewing and cutting yarn and poof the magic mom transforms a sweat hoodie into a beautiful stallion and the scary boy was pleased!
All I can say is THANKS to MY MOM for teaching me how to sew something out of nothing and making it work.........

Trick or Treat

Friday, November 07, 2008

First Day of Per school

Grandpa with are sweet girl Kinsley....She just loves her Grandpa but then that is easy to do...

Chase is on his way back to School....Thank the Lord! I love having him at home with me but he needs to be with kids his age too and he LOVES it! I guess old mom gets boring after so long plus the other kids go to School and he wants to do what ever they do...

Grandkids and Cody