Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Summer update....

I wish I could update with pictures but my USB cord to my camera died and I keep forgetting to get a new one when I am at the store.
The kids and I spent a week in Moab Utah this summer with Dusty while he was working.. It was beautiful but OMG hot. 115 degrees in town so we did all of our site seeing in the late evening. We drove though Canyon lands and it was simply wonderful. I have some amazing pictures to share from there. The kids and I spent most of our time in a nice in door pool with air conditioning. My kids are water dogs and Chase cried every time we got out. We also got to take our kids to some nice restaurants (not Wendy's) and Cody was very cute with the whole fork and glasses thing. It also showed us that we need to take them out with us to nicer places too..They all tried foods that they would not eat at home and that was fun to see what they liked. Cody LOVES samon..Chase on the other hand could careless as long as there was mac and cheese or any kind of pasta dish.
We did some shopping on the old main street and Dusty bought me a pair of dragon fly ear rings made by the Paiute Indians which is the same tribe he comes from. The kids all picked something out to remember the trip too, Cody bought a necklace with a scorpion in it. Courtney got a charm for her bracelet and picked one for Chels as well. Chase got a pink stroller ( very long story) and a t shirt. Dusty brought back key chains for the other boys.
All in all it was a fun trip....Even if Dusty did have to work too..

We have been camping, I flow to Elko Nev to see Dusty for his birthday, made a few trips with him out of town, and just hung out with our family.

There is no real big news in our lives which is not always a bad thing. Dusty is still working way to much but then I am not going to complain, and just be very grateful he has a good job right now.

The next update will be alot of pictures put into a slide show. Plus the big DEER hunt story...lol I love this time of the year but this year was just a little more special for our boys....


Karol said...

The best words of all are in your title when you said your son was "blessed with Down Syndrome". I was "blessed" to be the mother of a daughter,Cherie, who had DS. She lived 8 years and they were the best years of my life. I miss her every day. I am fulfilling a dream and writing her story in the form of blogs that you can read by clicking on my name. Enjoy every minute with your son, he will teach you daily!!!

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