Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Does anyone watch Dr. Oz? I don't as a matter of fact I dont watch much TV anyway. But one day a few mths ago while my older daughter was home she was watching him while I was in the kitchen working on some family history, when I heard him talking about post menapause bleeding. I stop what I was doing and listened to what this TV doc said half hearted until he said any amount of bleeding is something to be alarmed about and u should see your doctor. When Dusty came home from work I told him about this and he was ready to call the doc right then. lol But I told him I would right after the hoildays...Well I did not until 3 weeks ago...after a quite check up and a ton of blood work I was sent to have a ultra sound where they found something, blood work... came back and they found some high counts, so I was sent to see another gyn and was told I needed more test and surgery....as u can see I am trying to make a very long story shorter....the skinny is after a bio and other testing, I will be having a full hestorectamy on thursday March 8th, I have ovarian cancer stage 1 or 2 which so far is a good thing and maybe taken care of with just the surgery but I wont know for sure until after the surgery....I have been told how lucky I am to have came in so soon because most women wait until the cancer has spread (like my half sister who died at 50 from this cancer) and a pap test does not cover ovarian cancer. I am sharing this because sometime we as moms dont take very good care of ourselves and I personally have not had a "real" physcial since Chase was born 7 years ago!! By taking this warning sign and not just passing it off as something else it my have saved my life! We all need to remember to not only care for everyone else but to care for ourselves too.

I have waited to tell everyone because I did not want to spend my time worrying and crying about having cancer but wanted to just work the problem by taking care of the things I can control like cleaning and cooking food to freeze for my bad days and making sure everyone and everything is taking care of before I go into the hospital. Now my bag is packed with all new night gowns, robe, slippers,good smelling stuff ect. (thanks to a great husband) my house is cleaned yard ready for spring, food is froze, cut 12 inches of my hair off (my girls want to color it purple if I start to loss it) and wednesday I will be per admitted.

Time for the next chapter to begain...

Chapter 1 will be titled "How bad is Dustys cooking skills really" lol


Tamara said...

Rose! I just read this. Hoping and praying that you've come through surgery and are recovering quickly -

Heather said...

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